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How to Get the Most out of Family Office Conferences & Events

Conferences are a reality in the business world. Regardless of your profession, level of experience or the industry in which you work, networking events provide invaluable opportunities to enhance your career and personal growth. Given the traditional furtive nature of the private wealth ...
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Uncovering Commonalities to Drive Better Family Office Outreach

Today's technological advances makes finding commonalities in your family office network easier than ever before. Comprehensive family office data and research platforms such as FINTRX, make it possible to discover unique similarities that in turn, drive stronger, more efficient outreach processes. ...
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5 Effective Ways to Tackle the Family Office Market

The family office landscape is opaque by nature. This makes finding, approaching and maintaining strong relationships with those in the private wealth space daunting and laborious tasks for many. Given their unique standards and preferences, individuals and funds targeting this wealth channel ...
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The Allure of Real Estate Investing for Family Offices

The real estate market is a favorable territory for family offices, individual investors, and institutional investors around the world. Utilizing our leading family office data and research tool, FINTRX continues to highlight family offices making direct investments in real estate ventures. This ...
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5 Family Offices Making Impact Investments

Impact investing has experienced immense growth in the last decade, outperforming the benchmark for eight out of the last 10 years, according to the MSCI ESG Leaders Index. Utilizing FINTRX, our family office data and research platform, which covers hundreds of families active in ESG/impact ...
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3 Common Challenges We Solve for Our Clients Targeting Family Offices

Like many companies, FINTRX evolved from a personal pain point - the inability to find updated, quality information on the private wealth and family office markets. Today, FINTRX is the result of years of client feedback, each looking for a better alternative to raising capital. As we continue our ...
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10 Reasons Why Family Offices Make Great Investors

Over the past thirty years or so, family offices have become the preeminent financial model for the ultra wealthy. This amassing of capital has resulted in the family office becoming an intricate player within the alternative investment and private capital markets ecosystem. As the leading family ...
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Leveraging Your Alumni Roots When Prospecting

Why Alma Maters Matter When Targeting Family Offices For Investment
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Industry Best Practices

Breakdown of Industry Best Practices
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A Closer Look at Family Offices Interested in Venture Capital & Direct Investments

If you’re on the hunt for funding, a strong option to consider is the family office space. Family offices control capital and conduct investments for either a single high-net-worth family (single-family office) or group of high-net-worth families (multi-family office). These groups often operate ...
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The FINTRX Platform is the leading family office data, research, and intelligence platform to the alternative investment industry & private capital markets. Leveraging their intuitive user interface, coupled with the largest and most comprehensive family office research tool, FINTRX continues to raise the bar for asset raising solutions.

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