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Navigating the Family Office Market: SFOs vs MFOs


To shed light on the private family office landscape, we have summarized several common questions to help clarify any underlying assumptions relating to single-family offices and multi-family offices.

Family offices have rapidly advanced over the past several years, essentially reforming the way money is managed and allocated. While this transformation continues to add value for high-net-worth families and individuals around the world, this maturation has added a new level of complexity to an already obscure space. 

Take a deep dive into the unique differences between single and multi-family offices, plus best practices to tailor your approach in our latest 13-page white paper available to download below.


In this paper, we take you through:
  • The answers to the most commonly asked questions
  • A side-by-side glance at the nuances between the two entities (SFOs & MFOs)
  • What we see in the future for our space based on predictive data


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