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LPL Attracts Elite Teams with Advisor-Focused Culture

LPL Financial is transforming the wealth management landscape, attracting elite advisory teams with its refined high-net-worth services and advisor-focused culture. Offering unparalleled flexibility and autonomy, LPL has successfully recruited top teams including a $1B group from Merrill Lynch and a $520M team from Osaic, among numerous others, enhancing its industry position.

LPL Financial has been making waves in the wealth management industry, revamping its high-net-worth services and attracting an influx of prominent advisory teams. The firm's advisor-centric culture, which provides flexibility and autonomy in serving clients, has proven to be a powerful draw for advisors. Plus, LPL's strategic launch of a tailored W2 model for high-net-worth advisors is a key factor driving this attraction. As the company continues to invest in its capabilities, it is poised to drive further growth and attract more prominent advisors.

A high-profile team managing $1 billion in client assets has made a significant move, departing Merrill Lynch to join LPL Financial. Headed by advisors David Hunt and George Hantzis, this team has transitioned their practice to LPL's broker-dealer and corporate registered investment advisor platforms. This move not only bolsters LPL's advisor ranks with a substantial addition, but it also showcases the company's ability to attract elite talent from prestigious wirehouse firms.

Another significant boost to LPL's high-net-worth roster came with the addition of Endeavor Wealth Strategies, a prominent wealth management firm based in Oklahoma City. Endeavor Wealth Strategies oversees approximately $700 million in advisory and brokerage assets, specializing in wealth management services for affluent individuals, families and businesses. Led by founders and managing partners Greg Aleshire and David Mullin, the nine-advisor team brings decades of combined experience in financial planning, investment management and wealth preservation strategies. By joining LPL's platform, the group gains access to a range of resources, technology and support services designed to streamline operations and enhance the client experience.

LPL Lands Major Teams:

- A $1B team from Merrill Lynch joins LPL
- A $520M team from Osaic partners with LPL
- A $615M family office transitions from Raymond James to LPL
- A $515M Indiana team returns to LPL from PNC
- A $150M team from Aero Capital joins LPL

While the wealth management landscape remains competitive, LPL Financial has emerged as an attractive destination for top advisors and teams in the private wealth landscape. By fostering an advisor-centric culture championing autonomy and personalized client service, coupled with strategic investments to enhance its capabilities, LPL has cultivated a compelling value proposition. The addition of prominent firms like Endeavor Wealth Strategies underscores LPL's appeal to sophisticated advisory practices seeking support for growth without compromising their approach. Moving forward, LPL's continued dedication to advisor empowerment and innovation puts the company in a favorable position to capture a larger share of the high-net-worth market. This advantage stems from attracting advisors who value a collaborative and flexible partnership, ultimately enhancing their ability to deliver exceptional service to clients.


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