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FINTRX Family Office Data Report Q2 2020


Amid the current market environment, it is important to stay abreast industry trends and developments. As a leading family office data provider, we put together the FINTRX Q2 2020 Family Office Data Report to deliver key family office statistics, notable trends and further exploration of the alternative wealth space for April, May and June of 2020. Continue reading for a closer look at how Q2 unfolded within our rapidly growing ecosystem of 2,886+ family offices, 11,086+ contacts, and 12,647+ tracked investments...

As countries around the world slowly but surely start to reopen, focus on the global economy - and the future thereof - has become exponentially magnified. In this time of uncertainty, many are using this as an opportunity to evaluate, restructure and strengthen internal operations. Family offices are a great example of this. Increased transparency, capital alignment, greater control and their unique ability to deliver strong ROI are just some of the advantages offered by these private wealth vehicles - and key contributors to the explosive family office growth we see today. With their patient capital, family offices are well-positioned to capitalize on numerous opportunities arising within the current market environment.

Using a cross section of our complete data set, the FINTRX Q2 2020 Family Office Data Report provides a breakdown of all new family offices added in Q2, with additional data relating to family office asset class interests, global direct investment activity by region, monthly breakdowns and more.

fintrx family office data report q2 2020

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Parallel to the spike in wealth and family offices being established on behalf of ultra high net-worth individuals, the FINTRX platform maintains a strong awareness of the market and is consistently enhancing the coverage and impact of its data and research. In providing continuously updated family office data, capital raising tools, and savvy search capabilities, FINTRX continues to bring transparency to the family office ecosystem.

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