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Family Office Direct Investment Activity: 2020 Series with Charles Schwab


Evolving demographics and unexpected market volatility are reshaping the investment and wealth management strategies of family offices. These entities are now deploying their wealth in innovative ways, seeking personalized engagement that resonates with their unique preferences and offers promising investment opportunities tailored to the family's interests. Using a cross-section of our family office dataset, we invite you to explore this report in partnership with Charles Schwab, to gain an insightful look into the direct investment activity of the global family office ecosystem.

Family Office Industry Briefing Series Part Two

The second installment of our three-part series offers an in-depth analysis of these investment activities, along with additional critical insights outlined below.

"As this industry briefing shows, we’re seeing direct investment in privately held companies becoming more popular. We believe this is the result of broader industry trends towards investors wanting greater control, more transparency and lower fees." - Paul Ferguson, Managing Director at Schwab Advisor Family Office

Key Takeaways 

- Direct investment activity by family office type (single-family offices vs multi-family offices)
- Regional breakdown of family office direct investment activity (with graphs and maps) 
- Breakdown of family offices co-investing 
- Family office investments by industry 
- Industry allocation by the origin of wealth 
- Sector allocation by region
- Exclusive interview with Paul Ferguson, Managing Director at Schwab Advisor Family Office

All reports in this series have been compiled from data derived by the FINTRX data & research team. A multifaceted, bottom-up method was used to harvest the research from various sources. This practice comprises aggregating information from several public filings, proprietary data sources, strategic industry relationships and data mapping - among other origins.


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Industry Briefing Series Part Two

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Equipped with 375+ search filters and numerous customization options, FINTRX allows you to seamlessly track where family office & investment advisor capital is flowing, uncover allocation trends, break down investments by sector & size, understand future investment plans and much more.

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