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5 Family Offices Investing in Renewable Energy


In utilizing the FINTRX family office data and research platform, which provides intel into thousands of direct deal transactions made by 3,000+ family offices worldwide, we explore five family offices directly investing in the renewable energy space...

1. Pelican Venture 

Established in 1998, Pelican Venture is a Paris, France-based single family office serving as the private investment arm for the Gorgé family. The family created its wealth in the financial industry via a series of private investments. Today, Pelican Venture invests in a range of opportunities across the private and public equity landscapes and makes minority and majority investments in private companies. Sectors and verticals of interest include energy, renewable energy, wind power, construction, engineering, technology, precious metals, software, SAAS, human resources, business services, finance and more.

In January 2019, Pelican Venture directly invested in Resolving, a computer software company providing a collaborative cloud-based platform for managing data and processes in the construction and real estate industries. The platform connects with other applications in its customers' digital ecosystem via APIs to share data. Pelican Venture has made a number of investments throughout the United States and Europe, with a focus on France.

2. Vermec 

Founded in 2000, Vermec is a Peutie, Belgium-based multi-family office managing the wealth of several high-net-worth families and individuals. The firm offers its clients numerous financial services primarily including investment management, due diligence, research, asset allocation and portfolio management. Vermec invests in a range of asset classes such as public equities, fixed income, private equity and real estate. When investing in private companies, the firm considers a number of sectors and industries including energy, renewable energy, pet supplies & care, food & beverage, infrastructure, logistics, media & entertainment, among others.

In December 2014, Vermec directly invested in Eternalsun Spire, a leading manufacturer of solar simulators and integrated climate chambers for measuring the performance and reliability of PV modules according to IEC standards. Eternalsun Spire contributes to the development and growth of the solar industry by enabling the highest degree of measurement control by providing solar testing advice and technology services. Geographically, Vermec considers investments agnostically, however, historically have shown a propensity toward investments in Western Europe. Vermec will consider co-investments alongside like-minded family offices, institutional and individual investors.

3. Skion

Founded in 2006, Skion is a Germany-based single family office managing the wealth of its founder Susanne Klatten. Klatten is the daughter of German businessman, Herbert Quandt. Quandt is best known for saving BMW from bankruptcy in the 1960s (while simultaneously acquiring 50% of the business personally). Following his death in 1982, Klatten inherited her father's fortune and through a series of business endeavors, Klatten increased her net worth to roughly 21 billion by 2020. The Klatten family remains heavily involved in philanthropy and local charity.

Today, Skion targets investments in companies with a strong focus on improving the social and environmental wellbeing of the communities in which they operate. Sectors and verticals of interest include renewable energy, electrical engineering, optics, industrials, medical technology, IT and digital technology. The firm will also consider investments in small companies operating in water technology.

In September 2018, Skion directly invested in FilterBoxx, Inc., a leader in the design and supply of modular water and wastewater solutions for industries such as oil and gas, chemical and hydrocarbon processing, food and beverage, construction, manufacturing and mining. Geographically, Skion invests in European companies with a focus on Germany. Historically, the group has allocated to opportunities throughout Austria, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland. 

4. Family Office Wimmer

Established in 2005, Family Office Wimmer is a Germany-based single family office managing the wealth of the Wimmer family. In addition to its German headquarters, Family Office Wimmer also operates a satellite office in Catania, Italy. The Wimmer family created their wealth in the timber industry throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. Holzwerke Wimmer, the family's original company, was sold to a Finnish conglomerate in 2005, Stora Enso. Following this sale, Family Office Wimmer was created to serve as the family's personal wealth management vehicle.

Today, the firm allocates to a number of opportunities and regularly invests directly in private companies and real estate. Family Office Wimmer is heavily involved in the renewable energy sector and has developed and maintained several photovoltaic power stations (or solar farms) since its founding. The firm invests exclusively in businesses that make a clear and relevant contribution to the development of society, both economically and technologically. Family Office Wimmer puts heavy emphasis on the social responsibility of their investments to ensure every opportunity speaks to the family's mission of long-term sustainability.

In addition to its interests in solar energy, the firm regularly partakes in real estate acquisitions. When investing in real estate, Family Office Wimmer primarily targets properties located in Austria, Hungary, Southern Germany and Italy. Investment sizes range depending on the particular opportunity and geographic location.

5. Sustainable Conversion Ventures (SCV)

Founded in 2014, Sustainable Conversion Ventures is a Sun Lakes, Arizona-based single family office managing the wealth for its founder, Steve Robson. Robson built and managed a number of businesses throughout his career. Robson founded Sustainable Conversion Ventures in 2014 to provide venture capital to sustainable technology firms. SCV makes corporate and project equity investments mainly in emerging renewable energy, synthetic biology, biotechnology, bio-fuels, gasification and other sustainable technologies.

In May 2014, SCV directly invested in Cool Planet Energy Systems, a privately-held company that produces engineered biocarbon and renewable, carbon-negative fuel from biomass. Cool Planet is currently focused on deploying its proprietary engineered biocarbon platform, which significantly improves soil health and contributes to a healthier planet that feeds more people and delivers higher profitability. Just months later, SCV directly invested in Liquid Light Inc., a New Jersey-based company geared towards developing and licensing electrochemical process technology to make chemicals from carbon dioxide. SCV will also invest in small-scale power projects (non-solar and non-wind).

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