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5 Family Offices Investing in Biotechnology Companies


In utilizing the FINTRX Private Wealth Data Platform, which provides intel on thousands of direct deal transactions made by over 3,700+ family offices worldwide, we shine a spotlight on five influential family offices that have been actively investing in biotechnology companies. From funding life-saving innovations to driving transformative breakthroughs, these family offices are making a significant impact in the biotech landscape.

1. Rivas Capital

Founded in 2012,  Rivas Capital is a Cambridge, MA-based multi-family office managing the wealth of a select group of high-net-worth individuals and families. The group offers a suite of services to its portfolio including financial, managerial and operational assistance. Rivas is a private investment firm that seeks to partner with companies and entrepreneurs. The firm prides itself on doing all business with a focus on transparency, efficient turnaround times and full dedication. Rivas Capital's founder, Carlos Gonzales, typically takes a board seat on each portfolio company to provide hands-on support.

Rivas Capital focuses primarily on direct private equity investments. The firm takes a geographic agnostic approach to its deal sourcing but has historically favored North American-based companies. Industries of interest have been software, healthcare prescriptions, artificial intelligence, diagnostics, biotechnology and supply chains. Rivas has typically invested patient capital with a long-term investment horizon without the need for stringent deal mandates. The firm seeks to source entrepreneurs actively developing breakthrough technologies and assisting them in bringing their ideas to market. In particular, the family office has partnered with companies led by women in the past. 

In 2017, Rivas Capital participated in a Series D for Greenlight Biosciences, a biotechnology company that utilizes proprietary cell-free bioprocessing technology to develop RNA-based solutions, producing mRNA products for applications in global health, agriculture and sustainability. The firm went on to make two additional post-IPO equity investments in Greenlight in 2022, participating in private funding rounds of over $100 million each time. Additionally, in March 2022, Rivas Capital made a Series A investment in NextRNA Therapeutics, a biotech company focused on harnessing the regulatory potential of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) to develop innovative therapeutics for a variety of diseases. Other biotech companies funded include Clarify Health Solutions and Regenacy Pharmaceuticals.

2. Lauder Partners, LLC (Gary Lauder Family Office)

Established in 1990, Lauder Partners, LLC is an Atherton, CA-based single-family office managing the wealth of Gary Lauder and his family. The Lauder family's wealth dates back to their renowned association with Estée Lauder the cosmetics giant founded by Gary's grandmother. Gary Lauder is a highly accomplished individual with a wealth of experience in the venture capital industry. As the Managing Director of Lauder Partners, he plays a pivotal role in the firm's investment activities, focusing on the technology sector. With a career spanning over three decades, Gary has established himself as a prominent figure in the field, investing in over 150 private companies and serving as an observer or member of approximately seven of their boards. 

Today, Lauder Partners LLC is eager to collaborate with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and management teams, offering a mix of financial support, operational direction, and managerial mentorship. Primarily, the firm channels its investments into private sector businesses through direct financing and venture capital funds. Historically, it has exhibited a concentrated strategy in its investment sourcing, generally favoring companies based in the United States and Canada. Sectors and industries of interest have been technology, biotechnology, digital media, health tech, clean tech, communication and more. The firm's initial investment scale typically varies from $500K to $5M, demonstrating its versatility in backing different growth phases. Lauder Partners' principal interest lies in investing in companies as opposed to full acquisitions.

Lauder Partners has a rich legacy of channeling investments into private biotechnology companies, having conducted over 10 direct deals in this sector since 2000. Some of its more recent funding operations include a Series A funding round in Othram, a biotech research company specializing in human identification from evidence such as touch DNA, rootless hair, and decades-old bones. In December 2020, Lauder Partners participated in a Series A for NVision Imaging Technologies, a company that develops MRI polarizers and hyperpolarized imaging agents, enabling advanced preclinical and clinical applications, including novel cancer diagnosis and monitoring of response to therapy. Lauder Partners went on to make an additional $30M Series A investment in NVision Imaging Technologies in June 2023. Other biotech companies funded include Solius, Elevian, OccamzRazor, Celmatix and several others. 

3. Wille Finance

Established in 2007, Wille Finance is a Baar, Switzerland-based multi-family office managing the wealth of several high-net-worth entrepreneurs and their families. The group offers its clients a range of services including wealth management, investment management, manager selection and due diligence services. Wille Finance combines a talented and diverse team with its investment philosophy to provide bespoke financial solutions. The firm aspires to continue to grow its business by creating relationships while leveraging its entrepreneurial spirit and long-term vision.

Today, Wille Finance allocates to multiple asset classes including private equity, direct investments, public equities, real estate and venture capital. When allocating to private companies, the firm targets venture and growth stage companies operating within the life science, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, technology, biotechnology, media and information technology sectors, among others. Geographically, Wille Finance will consider early-stage investments in companies domiciled in Europe, North America and the Middle East. The firm generally writes checks ranging in size from $1M-$5M and regularly makes follow-on investments where appropriate.

Wille Finance will also consider later-stage private equity investments and acquisitions in small and middle-market companies domiciled in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Check sizes for later-stage investments and acquisitions range anywhere from $5M-$20M. The firm will co-invest alongside other like-minded family offices, funds and institutional investors. Past co-investment partners include BioMed Partners, Redalpine Venture Partners and Peregrine Investments.

In July 2020, Wille Finance participated in a Series C for T3 Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company that specializes in harnessing live bacteria to develop innovative, bacteria-based therapies for the treatment of cancer. In March 2021, the firm made a $36M Series A investment in Visus Therapeutics, a clinical-stage company focused on developing innovative, non-surgical treatments to improve vision. Additionally, in October 2022, Wille Finance took part in a $24M Series A for Araris Biotech, a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for improved targeted cancer therapy. Other biotech companies funded include Labiotech.eu, ImmunOs Therapeutics and Invasight

4. GISEV Family Office

Established in 2014, GISEV Family Office is a multi-family office headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, with an additional office in Milan, Italy. The firm was initially set up by Mario Germano, Giammaria Giuliani and Achille Severginini as a private wealth management tool for their respective families, both of which have deep-rooted histories in the financial and biotechnology sectors. Following its inception, the families of Giulianis and Severginini decided to extend their wealth management services to other families as well.

Today, the firm manages and invests the wealth of several high-net-worth families and individuals, providing its client base with a holistic full-scale family office vehicle. Services include strategic consulting, family governance, estate planning, asset management, asset allocation, legal assistance, risk management, tax planning, asset rating and more. When investing, the firm allocates to a range of asset classes including public equities, fixed-income vehicles, private equity funds, direct investments, venture capital funds, real estate funds, hedge funds and more. GISEV Family Office regularly co-invests alongside like-minded family offices, real estate groups, private equity groups and institutional investors. GISEV Family Office has historically allocated to several external fund managers including Camperio, Namira, Controlfida and more. 

In June 2020, GISEV Family Office participated in a Series B for CUTISS, a biotech company that specializes in the development of personalized skin graft technologies for patients with extensive skin defects. Their pioneering product, denovoSkin, is designed to significantly improve the quality of life for patients suffering from large-scale skin loss. Months later, the firm took part in an $11.2M Series A for Solarea Bio, a company focused on developing innovative therapeutics derived from microbial communities to improve human health and nutrition. Additionally, in November 2022, GISEV participated in a $43.2M Series B for Bionaut Labs, a company that specializes in the development of miniature robots, known as "Bionauts", designed to deliver targeted treatments within the human body. 

5. Occident Group AG (Schützenhöfer Family Office)

Formed in 1993, Occident Group AG is a Zug, Switzerland-based single family office managing the wealth of the Zchützenhöfer Family. The firm was founded by Siegbert Schützenhöfer, a wealthy Eastern-European entrepreneur who created his wealth in the insurance industry after founding his own firm. During the 1990s, Schützenhöfer continued to grow his firm and made several investments into burgeoning financial companies and real estate projects throughout Eastern Europe. In the mid-2000s, the firm liquidated much of its portfolio and operated as an insurance broker throughout Kazakhstan and Russia. In 2012, Schützenhöfer transferred his business interests to the next generation, and Occident Group AG was taken over by Patrizia Schützenhöfer.  

Today, the firm's areas of investment interest include public equities, fixed income, real assets, venture capital, private equity and real estate. Occident Group AG seeks technology-oriented companies with sustainable business models and dedicated management teams. Sectors and industries of interest include technology, biotechnology, life science, finance and the Internet of Things. Most direct investments are made throughout early seed rounds of funding. Geographically, Occident Group AG prefers companies based in Germany and Switzerland and regularly participates in follow-up funding for their portfolio companies. The firm actively seeks ESG opportunities, ensuring its investments make a positive contribution to society.

Since 2015, Occident Group AG has been a significant player in private biotechnology investments, with nearly 20 direct transactions demonstrating their deep involvement in this sector. In April 2022, the firm participated in a $7.2M Series B for Hemotune, a biotech company that develops novel magnetic nanomedicines designed for targeted drug delivery and the removal of harmful substances from the blood. Two months later, Occident Group AG took part in a $4.5M Seed round in Invasight, a company that specializes in developing breakthrough solutions for the minimally invasive treatment of diseases affecting hollow organs, such as the esophagus, stomach and intestines. Other biotech companies funded include but are not limited to, Lunaphore Technologies, Tubulis, Adivo.vet, iThera Medical and AdvanceCOR.

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