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3 Ways the FINTRX Platform Increases our Clients' Efficiency


Particularly in light of our current economic environment, it undoubtedly pays to have a highly efficient workflow. In utilizing the FINTRX family office and data platform, the outdated and lagging methods of prospecting family offices are overcome, allowing you to spend time building relationships and making deals - rather than spending hours researching potential investors. Our dedicated research and data team work non-stop to optimize the FINTRX platform, making the prospecting process much more effective, transparent and mobile.  If you find that your prospecting efforts are slow and can be improved, read on to see what the FINTRX platform can do for you.

Method #1: FINTRX takes the legwork out of your family office prospecting efforts

Like many companies, FINTRX evolved from a personal pain point - the inability to find quality information on the private wealth/family office market. To facilitate asset-raising professionals in their capital raising efforts, FINTRX functions as a user-oriented prospecting tool designed to rapidly target single and multi-family offices tailored to the individual needs of our Clients. For instance, when utilizing the Power Search module within the FINTRX platform, users can quickly narrow down our comprehensive data set of 2800+ family offices and 11,000+ associated contacts to create customizable lists of investors they wish to target. From there, our research team has constructed comprehensive investor profiles with detailed insight into each family office including background, contact information, the origin of wealth, investment interest, AUM and more.

Even when our clients are away from the platform, our tech-savvy algorithms continuously work to ensure all facets of FINTRX are accurate and updated. One such feature that helps maintain this level of efficiency is our Dynamic Lists. When narrowing down investors (using the Power Search Filters) and entering those search results into a Dynamic List), our algorithms will continuously auto-update the list. This means that anytime we add an investor or contact that matches the filters that the user set on their list, we will automatically add them to their list. Thereby, saving the user from having to continuously re-run searches to identify any new additions in the family office space that matches their specific use case. 


Method #2: FINTRX Affinity Score ensures that your outreach is as productive as possible

Over the years, we have found that the most effective method of prospecting and conducting outreach with family offices is to keep your interactions as humanized as possible. With the release of our FINTRX Affinity feature, we established a method of conducting outreach preparation that serves to increase our Clients' efficiency and rate of success. This feature makes sure users have access to all relevant information when meeting potential investors. 

The FINTRX Affinity feature works to produce custom insights into the 11,000+ family office contacts within the FINTRX platform. Utilizing powerful AI technology, the feature works to compare your own background and interests against the family office contacts on our platform. This provides users with intel that goes beyond a contact's professional background to also include their personal background and interests. This makes all the difference when conducting outreach to potential investors, allowing you to leverage the custom conversation starters and insights FINTRX provides in order to make the most meaningful connections possible.  


Method #3: Always keep the FINTRX platform with you on the road 

Because we understand how vital our Clients' time is, the FINTRX team continuously works to optimize the platform to best ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. One of our biggest launches of 2019 came with the release of FINTRX Mobile. Now, users have the ability to leverage our custom suite of asset-raising tools whenever and wherever making the platform just as mobile as you are. Whether in meetings, traveling to meet prospective investors, or simply conducting day-to-day business, FINTRX Mobile ensures that you are not tied to your desk and computer. Providing the same functionality as the desktop version of the platform, the mobile version is not only user-friendly but also incredibly dynamic. 

The FINTRX platform is cloud-based, meaning that wherever you may be, on whichever type of device, you can always access the platform. We pride ourselves in being able to provide users with updated and accurate family office information 24 hours a day, seven days a week - and the mobile app helps us achieve that goal. The FINTRX platform is a tool that allows our Clients to save both time and capital as we cut down their family office prospecting time significantly. Our industry-leading data, research and incredibly valuable Client Success Team works above and beyond to guarantee an enhanced workflow.

FINTRX provides comprehensive data intelligence on 850,000+ family office & investment advisor records, each designed to help you identify, access, and map the private wealth ecosystem. Explore in-depth dossiers on each family office and investment advisor. Access AUM, source of wealth, investment criteria, previous investment history, sectors & industries of interest, and advisor growth signals amongst other key data points.

Additionally, FINTRX provides insight and expansive contact information on 850,000+ decision-makers, featuring job titles, direct email addresses, phone numbers, common connections, alma maters, past employment history, brief bios & much more. 

For an in-depth exploration of the FINTRX family office platform, request a demo below.



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