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Seamlessly access our global family office coverage while away from the office and on the go. FINTRX Mobile delivers the data & research you need, when you need it - included in all FINTRX subscriptions.

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Family Office Data On the Go

One click access to insights on family office research, recent investment activity, contact information, origin of wealth, investment interest, AUM and more. 

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Phone & Tablet Compatible

FINTRX Mobile seamlessly adapts to all smart phones and tablets. Simply log in to your active FINTRX account and begin your family office research & data access.

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Real Time Updates

Access our real time daily updates when out of the office and the move. FINTRX Mobile offers delay free updates - as we make changes to our data, your access is instant.

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Interact Directly From Your Device

Making calls and sending E-Mails to your family office contacts is seamless within FINTRX Mobile. 

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Prospect List Integration

Create lists directly from your mobile device. Need to add a contact or family office investor to an existing list - we've got you covered.  

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Call & Meeting Prep Anytime

Handle meeting prep from the palm of your hand. Pull family office backgrounds, key contact histories, recent investment activity & more with a few clicks.

10 Reasons Why Family Offices Make Great Investors

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Built for the asset raising professional. Engineered for efficiency.