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Family Office Direct Deal Insight & Analytics


Investments by Industry

Easily monitor the latest investments throughout various industries via our dynamic and intuitive heat mapping visual solution.

Tracked industries include technology, healthcare, biotech, financial services, real estate, media, entertainment and many more.

Investment Analytics

Easily navigate investment deals by stage whether they're in series A, B, C, seed and many more like venture, angel, convertible notes and many other types.

fintrx direct investment company index
Investment History icon
Investment history

Easily uncover previous direct investment allocations. Data includes financing round, size of round, amount invested, region, industry as well as detailed information on the funded company.

Investment Analytics icon
investment analytics

Analytics include in-depth breakdowns of investments by year, sector, region and investment style. 


Investment News icon
Investment news

Quickly access corresponding news releases for each family office direct investment deal. Stay on top of recent publications via custom alerts.

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Investment Analytics

Intelligent family office direct deal analytics for the private capital markets community. 

Industry & Sector

Carve through prior direct investments by industry and sector, resulting in an efficient but target prospecting effort.

Funded Company Insight

Expand beyond the investment analytics & dig further into information on each company in receipt of funding.

Heat Map Display

Visual overlay of family office direct investment trends within the private capital markets. 

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"FINTRX is a very strong platform/product if you wish to reach out to the family office community. They combine their insights with event and family office investment research. If you are thinking of finding the right FO for your investment, start searching here."

Marc Debois, ING BANK
Global Head of Single Family Office Desk


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