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3 Ways our Clients are Utilizing FINTRX While Working Remotely


During these unpredictable and isolating times, there seems to be one constant that many of us are sharing - and that is the 'new normal' of suddenly working from home. With more time in front of the computer and the inability to travel, many of us are finding that we have some extra time to put towards our prospecting efforts. After all, it seems that capital raising is more vital now than ever before. After speaking with various clients about their experience working remotely on the FINTRX platform, we have identified three main features used to stay connected to the platform, colleagues and the family office industry altogether.  Read on to discover which features you can leverage to make the best use of your time on FINTRX while at home or on-the-go.

1. Using the News Portal to Stay Up-To-Date on Industry Happenings

Over the past few months, most everyone has faced a barrage of information and data focused on the coronavirus. It has proven challenging to wade through the various news sources for relevant information regarding alternative investments, leaving many without current information about the industry, or particular family offices they are prospecting. However, pandemic or not, it can be difficult to find relevant information on family offices. As a result of this, the FINTRX platform now includes a powerful News Portal tool to support our client's need for current and accurate news. 

Designed to keep users up-to-date on industry happenings as well as on the family offices within the FINTRX platform, the News Portal module is a powerful new feature launched in early 2020. The FINTRX research team works tirelessly to carefully curate a selection of news that is both factual and fitting for each client's use case. This bank of both current and past news sources, provides users with a centralized and streamlined place to stay as updated as possible when prospecting and reaching out to potential investors.

While everyone may be feeling isolated, there is no reason to not stay connected with the family office environment. Every day FINTRX updates the News Portal with information on how certain family offices are responding to coronavirus and various sources of investment activity that has taken place over the last few weeks. By utilizing our specialized News Portal, users can ensure when they return to the office, they are up-to-date on the alternative investment industry and any family office activity that has taken place over the course of the pandemic. 

2. Keeping Teams Connected using FINTRX's Team-Based Functionality

With everyone working remotely, it can be a challenge to keep teams connected during these chaotic times, and having a product that has team-based functionality is critical. The FINTRX platform is cloud-based, meaning that the database can be accessible from anywhere and the unique data-sharing preferences give users the ability to customize the type of information they share with particular colleagues. After speaking with a number of our clients - we have pinpointed two methods, in particular, that are being utilized to boost team collaboration and productivity. The first is the ability to share lists with your colleagues. As users parse through the data on the FINTRX platform, they are encouraged to create lists, allowing them to save search results and organize their prospects. Team members are able to see the lists others are creating, keeping everyone in the loop about each other's activities within the platform.  Additionally, we are seeing teams create communal lists that allow everyone to add and remove investors and contacts, sharing the family offices they are interested in prospecting. 

Furthermore, as most people are spending more time on their computers while they adjust to working remotely, we have seen a sharp spike in the use of our markups feature. This feature allows users to interact with investor profiles by highlighting and commenting on information that they find relevant and worth noting.  Utilizing this feature is allowing users to focus their energy on identifying and marking investors that will be best matched for their use case. As such, when the time comes to return to the office, they will have a collection of profiles that have already been read and marked-up, allowing for a seamless start to their prospecting efforts. Additionally, users have the ability to "tag" their fellow team members in comments, allowing them to quickly bring attention to a particular profile they would like their colleague(s) to view. No matter where your team is located, the 'markups' feature is allowing people to share investor information in a quick and organized fashion. 

3. Using the Mobile App to Assist in Users' Workflow

Working from home means that people are going without their usual office setup. Working from just a laptop or without your usual monitors means that it can be frustrating and time-consuming to utilize multiple pages, let alone various platforms. Because of this change in workflow, we are seeing our clients taking to their phones to access the FINTRX platform. The mobile application has all of the same functionality as the desktop version, with the added flexibility of not being tied to a laptop or desk. The mobility of the FINTRX platform is essential during these times, as everyone's work environment is different and constantly changing. This accessibility comes in handy when on a video call or conference call with your team members, as you can quickly pull up the platform on your phone without disrupting the meeting or having to continuously switch between tabs. While that is just one example of how to use the mobile platform while working remotely, many of our users are also coming up with creative ideas to work on the platform outside or even while on the phone! The FINTRX mobile app was built for convenience, and many of our users are taking advantage of that added benefit to make their workday more efficient and productive. 

Since the stay-at-home orders were put in place, we have seen a large spike in usage as people dive back into the platform and book refreshers for themselves and their teams. The FINTRX CS team is here for you during this crazy time and we are working round-the -clock to ensure that our users continue to get as much value out of the platform as possible. As always, feel free to reach out to support@fintrx.com for more ways to maximize your time on the platform while working remotely. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy. 


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