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3 Single Family Offices Established 60+ Years Ago


As numerous industries continue to see success with single and multi-family offices, FINTRX aims to shine a light on the alternative wealth space and private capital markets by offering valuable intel regarding these private wealth entities. In utilizing the FINTRX family office data and research platform, which provides comprehensive profiles of nearly 3,000 family offices worldwide, we see many family offices with unique structures and varied backgrounds. Here, we reveal three distinguished single family offices established more than 60 years ago

Abegg & Co AG (Bodmer Single Family Office)1. Abegg & Co AG (Bodmer Single Family Office)

With roots dating back to 1956, Abegg & Co AG is a Zurich, Switzerland-based single family office managing the wealth of the Bodmer family. The Bodmer family's wealth is mostly generational, originating from silk manufacturing and trade dating back to the 18th century. Abegg & Co AG allocates across public and private markets, with a core focus on public equity and private equity transactions. With regard to public equity, Abegg & Co invests mainly in publicly traded Swiss companies, utilizing a traditional buy and hold strategy. As for private equity, the firm focuses on growth, buyout and special situations funds in North America and Europe. Abegg & Co also allocates to real estate investments, bonds and fixed income funds. Abegg & Co AG is comprised of a team of 5-10 investment professionals and manages approximately $600M in assets. Geographically, the firm primarily invests throughout Canada, Central and Eastern Europe, the United States and Western Europe. Abegg & Co AG will consider all strategies on an opportunistic basis. 

2. Alfardan GroupAlfardan Group

Established in 1954, Alfardan Group is a Doha, Qatar-based single family office serving as a holding company for the Alfardan family. Founded by a prominent Middle-Eastern businessman, Ibrahim Alfardan, the group has had a substantial impact on the business landscape within Qatar. The family initially created its wealth in the jewelry business, establishing itself as one of the leading producers of pearls in the region throughout the mid and late 1900s. After the business was passed on to Hussain Alfardan, the family began heavily diversifying their interests. With the support of Hussain's three sons, Omar, Ali and Fahad, the group rapidly expanded into the alternative investment, hospitality, automotive, real estate and marine spaces. The Alfardan Group serves as the holding company for several of the family's subsidiaries including Alfardan Exchange, Alfardan Investment, Alfardan Automotive and Alfardan Hospitality. The firm's investment arm, Alfardan Investment, was formed in 1996 and manages the family's public equities. Additional asset classes of interest include direct investments, private equity and real estate. Geographically, the firm primarily invests in the Middle East, particularly Qatar, Oman and Turkey. The firm is heavily active in the hospitality industry and owns and operates several luxury hotels including the Kempinski Residences & Suites. The group's subsidiary company, Alfardan Marine Services sells an extensive range of aquatic products including boats, engines, electronics, water toys and more.

Marin Investments (Young Single Family Office)

3. Marin Investments (Young Single Family Office)

Founded in 1952, Marin Investments (Young Single Family Office) is a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based single family office managing the wealth of the Young family. The Young family built their wealth through the development and ownership of Vancouver-based Finning Tractor, the world's largest distributor of Caterpillar construction equipment. Today, the firm invests in both public and private equity across a range of sectors, regions and asset classes. Marin manages a highly diversified portfolio of assets, but the firm has a significant interest in building and growing private companies. Marin Investments will deploy capital into private equity and real estate across numerous sectors in both markets. In addition, the firm seeks to invest in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, with a focus on industrial and technology companies. The firm conducts merger and acquisition activities, as well as management buyout investments. Marin Investment's preferred check sizes typically range from ~$2M to $10M. The firm seeks out established enterprises that are in need of capital to help their business grow and scale, with an interest in becoming a minority stakeholder in its portfolio companies. Geographically, Marin Investments seeks companies headquartered in North America. Marin's past and present portfolio companies have been located throughout North America, all the way to Greenland, with a particular focus in Western Canada and the Western United States. In November 2015, the firm invested $2M into Mintent, a content marketing platform used by mid-sized and large teams to plan, produce and publish marketing content.

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