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3 Family Offices Investing in Sustainable Energy Solutions


In utilizing the FINTRX family office data and research platform, which provides intel into thousands of direct deal transactions made by nearly 3,000 family offices worldwide, we explore three family offices directly investing in sustainable and renewable energy companies...


1. Kohli Ventures

Founded in 2010, Kohli Ventures is a London, United Kingdom-based single family office managing the wealth of Tej Kohli, an England-based entrepreneur and philanthropist. Kohli created his wealth through a series of ventures in the technology and real estate sectors. Kohli Ventures invests with a forward-thinking mindset to its founder, focusing on exponential growth opportunities created by rapid technological improvements. The firm invests directly in a range of companies and industries, but particular areas of interest include artificial intelligence, biotechnology, robotics and e-sports. Kohli Ventures actively participates in impactful investments, referring to ventures that have the potential to substantially improve communities and/or human life. In August of 2015 and January of 2016, Kohli Ventures directly invested in Zynergy Group, an India-based company providing solar energy solutions ranging from integrated solar power plants and street lighting systems, to inverters, pumps and compressors. Since its founding in 2011, the organisation has increased solar energy growth in India with its superior manufacturing and service abilities. In June of 2019, Kohli Ventures directly invested in Rewired , a privately held AI and robotics investment vehicle established in 2017. To start, Rewired has committed $100 million to help develop technologies that enable robots to cope in the real world, make good decisions in real time and help humans do more with less. Kohli Ventures is geographically agnostic and has invested in countries including Canada, France, the United States, Hong Kong, Argentina and the UK - among others. 


2. Pi Investments 

Pi Investments is an Oakland, CA-based single-family office managing the wealth of an undisclosed high-net-worth family. The firm invests in a range of asset classes including private equity, venture capital, public equities, real estate, real assets and direct investments. Pi Investments focuses heavily on socially responsible investments and specifically targets groups whose mission involves assisting a global transition from an extractive economy to one that is sustainable for all citizens. Prior to allocating capital, the firm ensures their investment(s) will add more value than it will extract to both the general community and the environment. Each investment focuses on fulfilling human needs through ethical production as opposed to creating new demand. When investing directly into companies, the firm seeks to support their management teams while simultaneously committing to deep impact and maintaining financial discipline. In November of 2015, Pi Investments directly invested in CleanChoice Energy, a clean energy supplier, with a mission to make clean energy accessible to all. With CleanChoice Energy you don’t need to install solar panels or even own your home, apartment, or business space to reduce your impact on the environment. You simply make the switch, and they ensure all the energy used is replenished with 100% clean wind and solar power. When selecting alternative funds, Pi Investments evaluates each manager individually, taking into account their commitment to impact as well as their dedication to overall change throughout the financial system. The group additionally seeks to confirm their willingness to develop and adjust their impact strategies over time. The firm regularly looks to co-invest alongside like minded family offices, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals and institutions. 

United_Green3. United Green

With roots tracing back to the early parts of the 20th century, United Green is a Mayfair, United Kingdom-based single family office managing the assets of an undisclosed high-net-worth family. The firm provides the family with investment management, deal origination, due diligence and risk management services. United Green manages a globally diversified portfolio of holdings across a number of sectors including renewable energy, infrastructure, fast-moving consumer goods, commodities, manufacturing, construction, trade, agriculture, specialty lending, nutrition and technology. United Green allocates mainly to private equity, venture capital and real estate investments. The firm's renewable energy investments focus on large scale wind and solar parks in Europe, the Middle East and Asia (CIS countries). With regard to technology investments, United Green targets emerging and existing businesses in the UK and Middle East. Their venture capital arm mainly targets seed, early-stage and emerging growth companies. The firm endeavours to create value in industries and regions with high entry barriers - whether financially, technologically or politically. In July of 2020, United Green directly invested in 300-MW direct current solar project that Renew Estate is developing in Queensland. "Once up and running, the power plant will produce 625 GWh of electricity per year, or enough to meet the demand of around 88,000 homes. It will be coupled with a battery storage system, for which planning approval is already in place."  United Green will invest in emerging markets and are open to co-investment opportunities and strategic joint ventures. 

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