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Increasing Single Family Office Capital Raising

Bolster family office investor confidence by creating content rich thought leadership collateral.

The single family office world can offer significant investment dollars to the alternative investment industry when approached correctly. Hedge funds, private equity/venture groups, real estate funds, private companies and investment banks each target the single family office space in search of highly coveted sticky allocations. Typically, what drives the winners in the family office capital race is outsized performance. However, let’s take a closer look at the often undervalued power of positioning yourself as a thought leader, by producing rich content focused on your niche.

Prior to any investment activity, single family office directors and key decision makers are first targeting trust on the underlying asset class/sector they are being pitched on. Alternative investment professionals seeking capital are well served to bolster this trust by producing thoughtful and meaningful content focused on their sector. Well written materials/video content can be quite impactful for an asset manager or investment bank seeking to set their offering apart from the rest. It is the job of family office investment directors to find and source efficient investment opportunities within the marketplace. Help streamline their process by positioning yourself as an industry thought leader, thus setting the table with well written and easily accessible commentary on your niche of focus.

In sum, take the initiative to stay ahead of the ever competitive family office asset raising landscape by becoming a thought leader in your targeted asset class. Keep in mind, a powerful thought leadership piece can be in the form of an article, blog post, visual media outlet, amongst others. Focus on the audience you are targeting and their investment decision process. Alternative investment groups who choose to create a sense of expertise in their niche by creating high quality content will continue to set their offerings apart from the market. Control the narrative.

Contributor: Russ D’Argento, Founder of Cap Hedge Ventures | FINTRX Family Office Investor Platform

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