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How Safe Harbor Leverages FINTRX

Newtown Square, PA





Year Founded

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Founded in 2017 by CEO Chris Quigley, Safe Harbor Distribution is a leading financial services company based in Pennsylvania. Under Quigley's astute leadership, the company has successfully distinguished itself as a premier single source of investment products for financial advisors. Safe Harbor prioritizes building close relationships with

boutique investment managers and has developed an extensive network through which it offers financial advisors a wide variety of investment products, including mutual funds, annuities, ETFs, and separately managed accounts (SMAs) to meet the unique needs and requirements of their clientele.

"FINTRX has provided us with the tools to target our sales opportunities, and the support from the [FINTRX] team has shortened the learning curve."

Christopher Silvaggi
Chief Marketing Officer, Safe Harbor Distribution

Case Study

Founded in 2017, Safe Harbor Distribution is a leading financial services company based in Pennsylvania. The company has experienced continued success by acting as a single source of investment products for financial advisors...
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Their Challenge

The investment industry can often be an immensely competitive and challenging market to sell into. According to Chief Marketing Officer, Christopher Silvaggi, Safe Harbor Distribution faced the challenge of obtaining “access to accurate financial advisor contact information”, which is a common issue in the financial services industry.

Without reliable data on key decision makers, companies often struggle to effectively reach out to financial advisors which, in turn, makes it difficult to promote investment products and grow their business. Safe Harbor recognized that they needed a more efficient way to obtain this information and stay ahead of their competition.


The Outcome

To overcome this challenge, Safe Harbor turned to the FINTRX Private Wealth Data & Research Platform, a leading provider of family office and financial advisor data intelligence. The comprehensive and accurate data provided by FINTRX enabled Safe Harbor to quickly uncover and access the most suitable financial advisors, key decision-makers and investment committee members, empowering them to book more meetings and build better, long-lasting relationships.

The ability to stay informed on prospects with timely news alerts and notifications also proved to be a game-changer for Safe Harbor, as these actionable tools allowed them to better understand the market and maintain a competitive edge.

By leveraging FINTRX’s data set of 39,000+ registered investment advisory firms and 750,000+ registered reps and its sophisticated tools such as 13-F holdings & custodian information, Safe Harbor was able to gain valuable insights and research to help streamline their sales process. Safe Harbor continues to utilize FINTRX to increase their sales efficiency and meet their goals.

"I have been able to filter. . .to create a base list and then use targeted filters to supply each of our regional wholesalers warm leads." - Christopher Silvaggi, Chief Marketing Officer at Safe Harbor Distribution


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