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How Rowe Capital Partners Leverages FINTRX

FINTRX helps Rowe Capital Partners increase their family office capital raising


Rowe Capital Partners is a global placement agent, focusing on an array of alternative investment strategies. The firm also provides deep-dive strategic advice and asset management services.




Alternative Investments, Capital Placement

The number of global family offices continues exponentially increase, both in AUM and count of offices. As more asset raising professional turn towards alternative investments, there is an ever-expanding ecosystem of investors, many of which, are often unapparent and opaque in nature. The arduous task of identifying accurate and relevant family office information, while also keeping up with new family offices being established, was a considerable pain-point for Rowe Capital Partners prior to joining the FINTRX platform. Since their initial FINTRX adoption, Rowe Capital Partners has seen a significant improvement and uptick in their family office prospecting efforts, citing reduced time to identify potential targets & accurate data. 

Rowe Capital Partners

"FINTRX is outstanding and very educational as the family office sector is quickly evolving" - Jim Rowe



Jim Rowe



Why Rowe Capital Partners Chose FINTRX

Upon speaking with Jim Rowe, Principal at Rowe Capital Partners and multi-year FINTRX seat holder, Jim outlined his main reasons for choosing FINTRX. When prospecting into the family office ecosystem, he noted that they found it, “difficult to identify family offices and accurate contact information” making it difficult to create and sustain relationships. To identify and target specific family offices best suited for their particular use-case, it took extensive time and research, and in the end, they often found themselves with outdated or unreliable information. Rather than continuing to spend their hard-earned time scraping the internet for information, Rowe Capital Partners turned to FINTRX. In view of the fact that the FINTRX research team is constantly expanding and updating all investor information, Rowe felt it to be an excellent solution to their expressed pain-points.

Feedback on Using FINTRX

Today, Rowe Capital Partners is successfully utilizing our vast dataset of 2,850+ investors and 11,000+ contacts, to efficiently, “identify family office areas of interest and allocation preferences”.  In working together with the FINTRX team to create a customized workflow within the platform, Rowe is able to focus his time and efforts on building his family office network with confidence.

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