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How Apis Capital Leverages FINTRX

FINTRX helps the Apis team drive their family office relationships


Apis Capital is a long short equity hedge fund manager based in New York City.




Hedge Fund



Apis Capital was facing a number of challenges when targeting the family office space. Like many FINTRX users, prior to leveraging the platform, prospecting family offices was a slow and inefficient system. As a hedge fund in the process of capital raising, Apis was looking to increase and diversify their investor pool while decreasing the legwork of their employees. They reached out to FINTRX, and immediately we started improving their workflow and expanding their investor base...

Apis Capital

"I have been very impressed with the quality of the FINTRX platform - no other platform has the breadth and depth of coverage of the global family office investor universe. The FINTRX product is simple and easy to use and, importantly, their client service is excellent and incredibly responsive to your needs." 



Director of Marketing

Why Apis Chose FINTRX

According to FINTRX seat holder and Director of Marketing & Client Relations at Apis Capital Advisors, Will Dombrowski, "family offices have historically been under represented as part of our firms investor base." Moreover, their previous prospecting and sourcing processes were inefficient and mostly limited to domestic offices.  It was from these challenges that they decided to leverage FINTRX to directly address this issue. When working with FINTRX, the goals were straightforward and simple: to "increase family office investments in our firm's products, not only from a geographic perspective, but also from a diversified pool of family office allocators" says Apis' Dombrowski

Outcome of Using FINTRX

Today, Apis Capital is using the innovative and dynamic FINTRX platform to expand their family office investor base. Since utilizing the platform, they have noticed a large increase in family office engagement and an immediate increase in efficiency when prospecting potential investors. According to Apis, "The FINTRX platform has been a tremendously valuable resource to our firm. It has helped broaden our coverage of the family office investor segment globally." Immediate access to a streamlined family office capital raising solution offered Apis an extensive database of investors and contacts from which they could boost their fundraising efforts. 

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