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What's New at FINTRX | March 2024


Discover the latest product developments and happenings at FINTRX, the leading family office & registered investment advisor (RIA) data intelligence platform. We are excited to share our journey with you as we continue to grow as a company, innovate and enhance the FINTRX product & user experience. Continue reading for more on the latest company & product updates, recent data reports and what's new at FINTRX!


Product Updates & Additions

Relationship Path | Powered by FINTRX AI   New Tag

Leverage AI-powered relationship intelligence to expand your network and enhance your outreach.

+ Find your best path into any firm or contact, and utilize AI-powered introduction requests for fully-automated and personalized outreach.
+ Leverage your network and your teammates' connections to foster warmer introductions.
+ Instantly import your LinkedIn connections into FINTRX and map out relationships platform-wide.

Learn more about Relationship Path >>

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Spoken Languages Data   New Tag

Instantly identify reps and contacts by the languages they speak. Uncover RIA contacts fluent in Spanish, French, Mandarin and more.

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Industry News & Data Reports

February '24 FINTRX Family Office & RIA Data Report

A high-level synopsis of the investment advisory landscape for February including key metrics such as assets under management (AUM), alternative investments, fee models, geographic distributions, separately managed accounts, direct transactions by family offices, services offered by RIAs and more.

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Download the Report



Client Case Study Spotlight

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FINTRX Employee Spotlight

We're excited to introduce the newest members of the FINTRX team, John Canal and Josh Bohn, who will help drive sales as part of our Business Development team. Welcome, John and Josh!

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FINTRX is a unified data & research platform providing comprehensive data intelligence on 850,000+ family office & investment advisor records, each designed to help asset-raising professionals identify, access & map the global private wealth ecosystem. FINTRX data intelligence covers over 4,000 family offices, 22,000+ family office contacts, 40,000+ registered investment advisor entities, and 750,000+ registered reps. Data for every record within FINTRX is pooled from a minimum of 10 public & private sources.

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Equipped with 375+ search filters and numerous customization options, FINTRX allows you to seamlessly track where family office & investment advisor capital is flowing, uncover allocation trends, break down investments by sector & size, understand future investment plans and much more.

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