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Three Family Offices Investing in Blockchain


In utilizing the FINTRX Buy-Side platform, which provides insight and analytics into thousands of direct deal transactions made by family offices worldwide, we uncover three family offices investing in blockchain technology and crypto related projects. 

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the technology underlying digital currency. Otherwise stated, blockchain manages digital information that is stored in a public database and can be implemented in many different ways. The more educated you are on blockchain technology, the more you realize its value and true potential to disrupt the industry.  

What Makes Blockchain Unique?

  • - The way it tracks and stores data (stores information in batches called 'blocks')
    - Seamlessly tracks data changes over time
    - Designed to be decentralized and distributed across a large network (without being tampered with)
    - Creates trust in the shared data blocks 
    - Allows individuals to interact directly with data in real-time
    - No intermediaries needed

Below, we have outlined three family offices that have previously invested in blockchain:

Lorente Family Office
1. Lorente Family Office

The Lorente Family Office is a Fort Lauderdale, FL-based single family office with an industry wealth origin in transportation, real estate, and food & beverage. Established in 2010, Lorente Family Office invests in a broad range of asset classes including real estate, private equity, and venture capital. A majority of their investments are made in the technology industry, with a specific interest in blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Solon Mack Capital
2. Solon Mack Capital

Solon Mack Capital is a Greenwich, CT-based single family office with an industry wealth origin in real estate and entrepreneurship. Solon Mack Capital invests primarily in real estate and venture capital opportunities across a number of industries and sectors. The firm has been very active in the blockchain sector, making numerous investments in the space.

Wicklow Capital
3. Wicklow Capital - Dan Tierney Single Family Office 

Wicklow Capital is a Chicago-based single family office with an industry wealth origin in entrepreneurship and investment management. The firm's core focus lies in venture capital and private equity, although they consider all strategies on an opportunistic basis, including blockchain related opportunities.

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