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FINTRX Monthly Family Office Data Report: August 2021


Although family offices have been around for some time, we've seen rapid growth in their development over the past decade especially. To showcase this model of growth, FINTRX has compiled a full breakdown of all new and updated family office data compiled from August 2021.

Key Data Points

  • → New Family Office Data Points: 8,000+
    → Total Additions: 1,300+
    → Updated Family Office Entities: 740+
    → Newly Tracked Investments: 550+
    → Impact Investors: 59%
    → Family Offices Interested in Emerging Markets: 41%
    → Family Offices Active in Co-Investments: 82%

Family Office Platform Additions

Each month, the FINTRX data and research team adds and updates hundreds of family offices and family office contacts. Below, we provide a breakdown of all new and updated data points from August 2021. 

Total Additions: 670+

August 2021 Family Office Additions

Family Offices Added: 17
Family Office Contacts Added: 795
Newly Tracked Investments: 507

Updated Family Office Entities

Updated Entities: 760+

August 2021 Family Office Updates

Updated Family Offices: 250+
Updated Family Office Contacts: 480+

Assets Under Management Breakdown

AUM breakdown_August 2021

The data above shows a breakdown of assets under management (AUM) of all new family offices added in August. Although 88% of new family offices did not disclose their AUM, 6% recorded having $100M-$400M in AUM, while 6% have $5B+ or more in assets.

Single-Family Office vs Multi-Family Office Breakdown 

Of the new family offices added to the FINTRX platform in May, 59% are single-family offices and 41% are multi-family offices. 

SFO MFO Breakdown August 2021

New Family Offices by Region

August 2021 New Family Offices by Region

Of the new family office entities added to the FINTRX platform in August, almost 60% are domiciled in North America, while 18% are based in Europe, and 12% in Asia. The rest of the world makes up the remaining 11%. 

Newly Tracked Family Office Investments: Top 10 SectorsAugust 2021 Newly Tracked Family Office Investments-1

  1. 1. Technology = 30%
  2. 2. Healthcare & Biotech = 16%
    3. Financial Services = 15%
  3. 4. Consumer Goods = 11%
  4. 5. Business Services = 7%
  5. 6. Manufacturing = 6%
  6. 7. Real Estate & Construction = 5%
  7. 8. Energy & Utilities = 4%
  8. 9. Transportation = 3%
  9. 10. Media & Entertainment = 3%

Asset Class Interest Breakdown

A majority of new family offices added to the FINTRX platform in August 2021 demonstrate an interest in making direct investments, with 30% of family offices choosing the direct route. 

August 2021 Asset Class Interest Breakdown

We produce all data reports through the use of the FINTRX family office data and research platform. Thanks to our growing team of researchers - who work every day to add and update our vast dataset - we can share credible private wealth intel and developing trends regarding family offices and the alternative wealth landscape at large.

August 2021 FINTRX Monthly Family Office Data ReportAccess Your Full Copy

Built with the asset-raising professional in mind, FINTRX features intuitive data exploration tools specifically engineered to provide an effective means of targeting family office capital around the globe. Explore full family office profiles with insight on each group, including background, contact information, the origin of wealth, investment interest, investment history, and more. 

For an in-depth exploration of the FINTRX family office platform, request a demo below.



Visit the FINTRX Resource Library below for useful family office narratives, PDFs, and guides to success.

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