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FINTRX CEO Featured In Family Business Magazine

FAMILY OFFICES: 'QUIET CAPITAL' By:   Maureen Milford Original Source: Family Business Magazine Private equity and strategic buyers aren’t the only suitors pursuing family businesses today. Family offices, those low-key organizations formed to manage the wealth of ultra-high-net-worth families, are ...
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Cryptocurrencies Pique Interest of Single-Family Offices

Globally, a percentage of single-family offices are  becoming more involved in cryptocurrency investments, with a growing number of family offices investing in blockchain technology companies. According to Miguel Forbes, co-founder of Forbes.com and an international investor, “For sophisticated and ...
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New Release: Family Office Search Vision Map

The FINTRX Family Office Platform team is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Search Vision map feature technology, continuing our mission to keep our user base locked in to the most actionable set of single and multi family office data & research available to the industry. FINTRX seat ...
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A Closer Look At FO Interested In Venture Capital & Direct Investments

If you’re on the hunt for funding, a strong option to consider is the family office space. Family offices control capital and conduct investments for either a single high-net-worth family (single-family office) or group of high-net-worth families (multi-family office). These groups often operate ...
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Russ D'Argento Profiled in FintekNews | FINTRX

This past month, founder and CEO of the FINTRX Family Office Platform, Russ D’Argento took time to answer a few questions for FintekNews’s Cindy Taylor. Read on for D’Argento’s insights into his background in capital raising, the genesis of FINTRX, and the payoff FINTRX has for its clients.
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Enthusiasm Grows in the Family Office Space

The family office world is looking more and more attractive to investors, from what we’ve seen via our FINTRX Platform. While the recent bull market in U.S. equities has provided extraordinary returns, investors see the need to get creative for the next era of market returns. Valuable deals are ...
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Indian Music Label's Family Office Invests in Two Startups

As they continue to make their mark in the world of alternative investing, family offices have begun diversifying their investment interests. The family office of Manohar Naidu, owner of South Indian record label Lahari Music, invested an undisclosed amount in two startups as of May 2017. This move ...
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Family Offices Continue to Ramp Up Their Direct Investment Activity

In a trend that we continue to see here at Cap Hedge Ventures via our FINTRX Platform, family offices are greatly increasing their direct investment activity. There are currently more than 3,000 family offices globally managing money for the world's wealthiest families
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FINTRX Partnership With The International Family Office Association

BOSTON, MA – January 13, 2015 -- Boston, MA and Sydney, Australia – The FINTRX Platform, the leading family office intelligence provider and asset-raising CRM technology to the alternative investment industry, and the International Family Office Association (IFOA)
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FINTRX Alternative Investor Report May 2014

FULL REPORT HERE Thank you for your continued interest in the FINTRX Platform, powered by Capital Hedge. FINTRX continues to boast comprehensive investor intelligence, covering global family offices and institutions actively allocating to alternatives & direct investments.
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New Release: Microsoft Outlook Integration

FINTRX has released a new custom Microsoft Outlook app for the FINTRX Platform, the firms flagship family office database and asset raising CRM product. The Microsoft Outlook application offers a 'real time' sync of email correspondence between Outlook and the
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FINTRX Partnership With FNEX

Leading family office data provider, FINTRX has announced a partnership with FNEX, a US based financial platform aimed at connecting qualified investors with alternative investment opportunities. Boston, MA - December 2, 2013.
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GLC Global Conferences Announces Partnership With FINTRX

GLC Global Conferences announces a partnership with FINTRX for the company's 2013 Global Summits. GLC conducts finance and energy events worldwide, with a focus on high end wealth clients. The partnership will help align GLC with best in breed fund managers and investors through increased exposure ...
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FINTRX Announces Venture With Meyler Capital

FINTRX has announced a strategic partnership with Meyler Capital, a Canadian based investment marketing company which uses engaging messaging and creative marketing tools to build manager credibility and source new investors. FINTRX is proud to announce
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The FINTRX Platform is the leading family office data, research, and intelligence platform to the alternative investment industry & private capital markets. Leveraging their intuitive user interface, coupled with the largest and most comprehensive family office research tool, FINTRX continues to raise the bar for asset raising solutions.

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