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5 Largest Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) in New Hampshire


Registered investment advisors have gained momentum in nearly every metric - from industry size and assets under management to quality jobs created. High-net-worth families and individuals continue turning to RIAs for their self-governing nature, fiduciary value, and sophisticated financial expertise. To shine a light on the RIA space, FINTRX explores five of the largest registered investment advisors (RIAs) based in New Hampshire.

1. Prime Buchholz, LLC = ~$6.9B+ in AUM

Established in 1988, Prime Buchholz LLC is a Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based investment advisory firm serving 250+ clients worldwide, with additional offices in Boston and Atlanta. For over 30 years, the firm has helped educational endowments, private and public foundations, cultural and religious institutions, health care and insurance organizations, and high-net-worth families align their portfolios with their missions and values. The firm takes great pride in joining forces with clients to affect positive, lasting change in their communities and the world. Its adaptability, commitment to transparency, and independence from outside business relationships are also hallmarks of the firm.

Simply put, clients receive customized, personal service from a deeply experienced team that puts their best interests first. As a pioneer in the world of alternative investments advising, Prime Buchholz, LLC specializes in all asset classes, including hedge funds, private equity, and real assets. The group delivers mission-aligned investing solutions to clients focused on long-term environmental, social, and governance matters. Prime Buchholz is proud to be 100% employee-owned.

- Founded: 1988
- Headquarters: Portsmouth, NH
- Discretionary Assets: ~$2.68B+
- Non-Discretionary Assets: $4.24B+
- Total AUM: ~$6.9B+
- Specialties: Mission-Aligned Investing, Outsourced CIO, Defined Contribution Advisory, Diagnostic Reviews, Investment Policy Guidelines, Investment Structure and Implementation, Manager Evaluation, Performance and Risk Measurement, and Audit Package Preparation

2. Impax Asset Management, LLC = ~$5.3B+ in AUM

Impax Asset Management LLC, the North American division of Impax Asset Management Group and adviser to Pax World Funds, offered the first sustainable mutual fund in the United States in 1971, helping to give rise to the sustainable investing industry. Today, the Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based investment advisor offers a diverse lineup of mutual funds focused on the risks and opportunities arising from the transition to a more sustainable global economy.

The firm believes capital markets will continue to be affected by global sustainability challenges, including climate change, pollution, and essential investments in human capital, infrastructure, and resource efficiency. Their funds integrate environmental, social, and governance research into their investment process to better manage risk and deliver competitive long-term investment performance. As engaged investors, Impax Asset Management has a regular dialogue with its portfolio companies. 

- Founded: 1971
- Headquarters: Portsmouth, NH
- Discretionary Assets: ~$5.3B+
- Non-Discretionary Assets: $0
- Total AUM: ~$5.3B+
- Specialties: Sustainable Investing, Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing, Fossil Fuel-Free Investing, Women's Equality/Empowerment, Mutual Funds, and Separate Accounts

3. Global Forest Partners, LP (GFP) = ~$3.54B+ in AUM

Global Forest Partners was first established in 1982 as Resource Investments Inc. In 1995, UBS gained the firm and operated as UBS Timber Investors. It wasn't until 2003 when a management buyout from UBS led to its last name change, making it Global Forest Partners, LP. The group officially registered as an investment advisor in July of the same year. Today, Global Forest Partners, LP is a Lebanon, New Hampshire-based private equity fund manager specializing in timberland investment management on behalf of institutional investors worldwide. GFP is one of the oldest and largest forestry investment advisors, with approximately 700,000 hectares of timberland under management in areas such as Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, New Zealand, and Uruguay. 

The GFP team has completed over $4 billion in forestry purchases and sales across hundreds of transactions, anywhere from under $1 million to $815 million. GFP believes its transaction and structuring expertise are competitive advantages relative to other timberland managers, with 40+ major international transactions over the last 20 years. To date, GFP has managed eleven funds through the complete investment cycle, from acquisition through divestiture. The firm comprises about twenty-seven professionals organized into inter-disciplinary investment teams. GFP’s expertise includes capitalizing on distressed opportunities. 

- Founded: 2003 (officially registered as an RIA in July 2003)
- Headquarters: Lebanon, NH
- Discretionary Assets: ~$2.68B+
- Non-Discretionary Assets: $859.46M+
- Total AUM: ~$3.54B+
- Specialties: Wealth Management; College Financial Planning & Admissions Counseling; Retirement Planning; Life & Long-Term Care Insurance; 401 (k) Advice & Management; Pension Planning  

4. Lake Street Advisors Group, LLC  = ~$2.9B+ in AUM

Lake Street Advisors Group, LLC, was originally formed in 2003. In April 2017, Lake Street Advisors, LLC withdrew its registration and became registered as Lake Street Advisors Group, LLC when the firm joined Focus Financial Partners. Today, Lake Street Advisors is a Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based multi-family office providing comprehensive wealth advice, investment management, and indispensable partnership to affluent families. Its team of professionals advise approximately 65 families out of offices in Portsmouth and Boston, MA. Clients span a broad spectrum of financial literacy, age, and professional experience — from current and former business owners to corporate executives and investment professionals.

Lake Street builds customized multi-asset class portfolios, typically spanning five major asset classes, to maximize post-tax, post-fee, and risk-adjusted returns. The group employs a proactive service model, aligning work with its clients' purpose and legacy. Lake Street delivers integrated financial advice and investment expertise, managing the day-to-day necessities of execution for one purpose—to allow clients to live the most fulfilling life possible.

- Founded: 2003 
- Headquarters: Portsmouth, NH
- Discretionary Assets: ~$982M+
- Non-Discretionary Assets: $1.92B+
- Total AUM: ~$2.91B+
- Specialties: Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer; Cash, Debt & Expense Management; Philanthropic Strategy; Family Legacy & Governance; Insurance Consultation; Tax Planning; Portfolio Management

5. DHK Financial Advisors Inc. = ~$1.5B+ in AUM

Founded by Timothy W. Dempsey in 1993, DHK Financial Advisors Inc. is a privately held Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based investment advisor serving high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients such as charitable organizations, religious orders, industrial groups, educational institutions, endowments, and foundations. DHK Financial Advisors cater to approximately 113 clients of varying types but focuses primarily on affluent families and individuals. The firm matches institutional investors with low-cost, globally diversified investment solutions.

Evidence shows simpler investment approaches often outperform complex ones over time; DHK invests with this in mind. The group favors index-based strategies and believes disciplined investment approaches provide clients with a better chance for higher returns. Much of the investment industry overcharges relative to the value they actually deliver. DHK prides itself on maintaining a fee structure agreeable to its clients. The group has an additional office in Boston, MA.

- Founded: 1993
- Headquarters: Portsmouth, NH
- Discretionary Assets: ~$802M+
- Non-Discretionary Assets: $710M+
- Total AUM: ~$1.51B+
- Specialties: Financial planning services include but are not limited to tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, or life-based event planning such as saving for college, getting married, purchasing a home, paying down debt, or planning an inheritance

RIA Review

A registered investment advisor (RIA) is any firm advising or managing the wealth of high-net-worth individuals or institutions. Directly regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), RIAs offer a wide range of financial services — from wealth and investment management to direct lending and personal finance education, etc. An important distinction regarding RIAs is the fiduciary obligation to always act in the best interest of their clients.

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