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5 Family Offices Making Biotech Investments


Despite our current economic condition, family offices around the world continue to fuel the growth of the technology industry. In utilizing the FINTRX Buy-Side platform, which provides insight and analytics into thousands of direct deal transactions made by family offices around the world, we uncover five family offices making biotech investments. 

Junsoncapital1. Junson Capital (Cai Kui Family Office)

Founded in 2013, Junson Capital (Cai Kui Family Office) is a Hong Kong-based single family office that manages and invests the wealth of Cai Kui and his family. Cai Kui created his wealth via a number of entrepreneurial ventures mostly within the real estate space. In 2020, Cai Kui's wealth had expanded exponentially, placing him at 211 on the Forbes wealthiest list with a net worth of more than $7.8 billion. The firm invests across all asset classes including hedge funds, venture capital, fund of funds, public equities, fixed income, private equity, direct investments, real estate and more. In June of 2020, Junson Capital directly invested in WiBiotic, Inc., a private biotech company that provides wireless power solutions for robotic systems, from drones to mobile robots and even underwater vehicles. Additional industries of interest include healthcare, hospitality, technology, biotech as well as media and telecommunications. Geographically, the firm invests agnostically and regularly allocates to opportunities throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

2. MPG Equity Partners LLCMPG Equity Partners LLC

Established in 2013, MPG Equity Partners LLC is a Chicago, IL-based single family office that manages the wealth and investments for Michael Goy. Goy created his wealth through an extensive financial career, including time with Sterling Partners, a private equity firm based out of Chicago and JPMorgan's Mergers and Acquisitions group. After leaving JPMorgan, Goy co-founded Foros Group, NY-based investment bank. Today, MPG allocates across several industries including business services, healthcare, Information Technology, niche manufacturing, biotech, software and more. In July of 2017, MPG directly invested in BrainBits - a biotech company that provides live brain tissues from rats to pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms and research institutions worldwide. Then in August of 2018, the firm made a direct investment in MedService Repair, a medical device repairment company focused on infection control, endoscope reprocessing, and sterilization. The firm targets companies with differentiated value propositions, scalable businesses with recurring revenue models, low capital intensity and a firm market position in its respective industry. 


3. Moodoos Investments (Wege Family Office)

Originally based in San Diego, CA, Moodoos Investments (Wege Family Office) is a single family office with additional operations in Boston, MA, Toronto, Raleigh and Durham, NC. Moodoos Investments manages the assets of the Wege family. In 1912, Peter M. Wege founded a small company named Metal Office Furniture. Eventually, the business evolved into Steelcase, one of the largest manufacturers of office furniture across the globe. Moodoos Investments targets long-term investment opportunities in early-stage companies. For instance, in December of 2017 the firm directly invested in Protochips, a biotech company providing microscopy solutions to scientists, engineers and researchers. From experimental design and sample prep to imaging and data analytics, Protochips' in situ transmission electron microscopy solutions enable anyone to become an expert in quantitative nanoscale analysis. In April of 2018, Moodoos made a direct investment in KnipBio, a biotech company that developed a set of naturally occurring microbe strains that convert ethanol, methanol and other abundant, low-cost feedstocks into premium, nutritious, single-cell protein, which ultimately offers a transformative breakthrough in the future of aquaculture.

AMC Family Office

4. AMC Family Office (Pitch Johnson Jr. Family Office) 

Asset Management Company (“AMC Family Office”) is a Palo Alto, CA-based single-family office that manages the wealth of Franklin Pitcher “Pitch” Johnson Jr., a California-based venture capitalist and biotech investor. AMC was founded in 1965 by Pitch Johnson Jr.’s father with the goal of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Today, the group invests in both public and private equity across a range of sectors, regions and asset classes - focusing particularly on venture capital investments. In October of 2017, AMC Family Office made a direct investment in 3T Biosciences, a biotech company geared towards finding targets for the treatment of tumors in broad patient populations. 

schooner5. Schooner Capital (Ryan Single Family Office) 

With roots dating back to 1971, Schooner Capital LLC is a Boston-based single family office managing the wealth of the Ryan family. The firm invests in both public and private equity throughout various sectors, regions and asset classes. Areas of focus include growth equity investments, alternative assets and public securities. In October of 2018, Schooner Capital directly invested in SRS Medical Systems,  which offers revolutionary solutions for male LUTS patients. Just a month later, the group made a direct investment in Remedy Plan Therapeutics, a privately-held biotech company aimed at halting tumor growth and disrupting cancer stem cells. Schooner's profits directly support The Schooner Foundation, which is actively involved in human rights causes around the world.

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