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5 Family Offices Investing in Hotel Properties


The family office landscape is continually evolving, with investors exploring opportunities across a diverse range of asset classes. One area that garners increased attention is the commercial real estate sector, particularly hotel and motel properties. Leveraging FINTRX—the premier family office and RIA database for financial professionals—we spotlight five family offices making significant strides in this dynamic sector. As the private wealth industry continues to transform, these family offices are utilizing their capital and expertise to capitalize on lucrative opportunities in hotel and motel investments.

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1. Tishman Capital Partners

Tishman Capital Partners, established in 2008, is a multi-family office and registered investment advisor that manages the wealth of high-net-worth individuals and families, including the capital of the late Robert Valentine Tishman, a notable real estate developer and co-founder of Tishman Speyer. Acquired by NexWave Capital Partners in 2018, the firm continues to operate under the Tishman Capital Partners name, providing comprehensive investment advisory services such as asset management, manager selection, risk management and portfolio construction. They invest across asset classes including real estate, public and private equity, fixed-income, structured products, currencies, futures, commodities and derivatives, with a global approach to investment sourcing and a strong emphasis on portfolio diversity.

With extensive experience in real estate, Tishman Capital Partners has developed, managed and advised on over 35 million square feet of property in the hospitality, retail, office and residential sectors. Their proficiency in acquiring, developing and operating assets allows them to handle complex real estate deals, including investments in hotel properties, leveraging their deep industry knowledge and local presence across the United States to deliver exceptional value to their clients.

Quick Hitters:

- Headquarters: New York, NY
- Estimated AUM: $994M
- Most Active Investment Region: North America
- Most Active Investment State: FL
- Average Property Value: ~$120M
- Asset Class Focus: Real Estate; Direct Investments; Fund of Funds; Hedge Funds; Private Equity; Venture Capital

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2. Glastad Holding (Glastad Family Office)

Glastad Holding is a single-family office and holding company established in 2000 following a division between Glastad and Mikalsen business units. The firm manages the wealth of the Glastad family, whose fortune dates back to the early 1900s when Martin Mosvold founded an international shipping company. Today, Glastad Holding invests across numerous asset classes including public equity, private equity, venture capital and real estate, both directly and via fund vehicles. The firm's real estate investments encompass residential, retail, hotel, office, industrial, multi-use and tourism properties. They also make private equity investments in sectors such as fishing, financial services, shipping, oil and gas, technology, banking and energy. Glastad Holding conducts all due diligence in-house and considers environmental and social impacts throughout the investment process. The firm makes both minority and majority investments and frequently co-invests alongside other family offices and institutional investors. Staying true to their roots, they prefer direct investments related to maritime businesses.

Quick Hitters:

- Headquarters: Oslo, Europe
- Most Active Investment Region: Europe
- Most Active Investment Country: Norway
- Average Property Value: ~$42,215,537
- Asset Class Focus: Real Estate; Direct Investments; Debt; Private Equity

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3. KWC Management (Wilson Family Office)

KWC Management, a Memphis, TN-based single-family office, was established in 1948 to manage the wealth of the Wilson Family across multiple generations. The family's fortune originated from Kemmons Wilson, an entrepreneurial high school dropout who founded Holiday Inn, the first standardized hotel chain in the U.S. This groundbreaking venture, started in 1952, rapidly expanded through franchising and revolutionized the hotel industry with its focus on affordability, consistency and amenities. Today, KWC Management embodies Wilson's visionary spirit, investing in private sector companies and real estate properties with a focus on real estate, aviation, financial services, hotels, insurance and timesharing. The firm prioritizes long-term relationships and collaboration, guided by core values of humility, excellence, integrity, service, respect, and stewardship. With a strategic and diversified approach, KWC Management continues to build enduring value, honoring its legacy through prudent investments and community service initiatives led by the Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation.

Quick Hitters:

- Headquarters: Memphis, TN
- Estimated AUM: $400M - $1B
- Most Active Investment Region: North America
- Most Active Investment State: TN
- Average Property Value: ~$25.15M
- Asset Class Focus: Real Estate; Direct Investments

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4. Reuben Brothers (Reuben Family Office)

Reuben Brothers, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a single-family office established in 2002 to manage the wealth of U.K. brothers David and Simon Reuben. Originally founded in the 1980s as the holding company for the family's interests in the Russian metals market, the firm has since diversified into real estate, venture capital, and private equity investments. Their extensive real estate portfolio includes properties such as Millbank Tower, the Piccadilly Estate, London Oxford Airport, London Heliport, and Connaught House. Reuben Brothers' investments span various asset classes, including private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and direct investments, with a notable focus on hotel and motel properties. Their philanthropic arm, the Reuben Foundation, supports global healthcare and education initiatives. The firm’s private equity investments are managed by Aldersgate Investments Ltd., and they actively seek to invest in companies led by women. 

Quick Hitters:

- Headquarters: Geneva, Europe
- Estimated AUM: 5B+
- Most Active Investment Region: North America
- Most Active Investment State: NY
- Average Property Value: ~$330M
- Asset Class Focus: Real Estate; Direct Investments; Hedge Funds; Private Equity; Venture Capital

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5. Galbut Family Office (Russell Galbut Family Office) 

Galbut Family Office, based in Miami, FL, was established by Russell Galbut in 2021 to manage and invest his family's wealth. Galbut, who built his fortune through real estate and served as Chairman of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, has a distinguished background in real estate development, having grown Crescent Heights into one of the largest developers of residential and mixed-use properties in the U.S. Today, the Galbut Family Office invests in a wide range of asset classes, with a primary focus on real estate development and management. Their portfolio includes residential, multi-family residential, hotel, retail, mixed-use, storage, and infrastructure properties. The firm conducts extensive in-house research and due diligence, leveraging qualitative and quantitative analyses. Geographically, Galbut Family Office focuses its investments in North America, particularly the American Southeast, often co-investing with other family offices and real estate developers. 

Quick Hitters:

- Headquarters: Miami, FL
- Estimated AUM: $2B - $5B
- Most Active Investment Region: North America
- Most Active Investment State: FL
- Average Property Value: ~$345M
- Asset Class Focus: Real Estate; Direct Investments; Private Equity; Venture Capital

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