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3 Largest Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) in South Carolina

September 16, 2021

Registered investment advisors continue to experience growth in every metric, with a record number of firms, employment, client demand, and increased assets under management according to recent reports. To shine a light on the growing RIA landscape, FINTRX explores three of the largest registered investment advisors (RIAs) based in South Carolina. 

1. Greystar Investment Group, LLC = ~$18.98B+ in AUM

Founded in 1993, Greystar Investment Group, LLC is a Charleston, South Carolina-based registered investment advisor providing world-class service in the residential rental housing industry. When Founder, Chairman, and CEO Bob Faith set out to build Greystar, he envisioned the need for a rental housing industry leader — a blue-chip company that operated with the highest integrity and character in delivering world-class services to residents, property owners, and investors. Greystar’s Global Investment Platform offers attractive diversification across multiple geographies, rental housing sectors, and risk profiles.

Today, Greystar's business model integrates the management, development, and investment disciplines of the rental housing industry on international, regional, and local levels. This unique approach and commitment to hiring the best professionals have resulted in record growth, making them one of the most trusted global real estate companies. Because its vertically integrated business model includes both investment and service-oriented businesses, the firm can maintain a constant presence in local markets and create value in all phases of the real estate cycle. 

Greystar's international platform provides economies of scale, financial sophistication, institutional quality reporting, and capital relationships, while its city offices provide local market expertise and execution. Supported by a global team of 19,700+ employees, Greystar’s cross-functional executive team boasts on average over 23 years of industry experience and provides a diverse perspective throughout the investment process. The firm continually strives to provide beautiful living environments and innovative services that enhance the living experience.

Fast Facts:

- Founded: 1993
- Headquarters: Charleston, SC
- Discretionary Assets: ~$18.8B+
- Non-Discretionary Assets: ~$173M+
- Total AUM: ~$18.98B+
- Specialties: Property Management Services, Investment Management Services, and Development and Construction Services

2. South State Advisory, Inc. = ~$2.46B+ in AUM

Established in 2010 under the name First Southeast 401k Fiduciaries, Inc., South State Advisory, Inc. is a Charleston, South Carolina-based investment advisory firm providing financial planning, retirement plan administration, and consulting services to individual and institutional clients. Its team of Financial Consultants utilize a holistic approach to investment management that combines time-tested investment disciplines with personalized planning. Whether you’re thinking about when to retire,  developing a retirement income plan, or looking for strategic guidance on diversifying your portfolio, South State is here to serve as a trusted partner to guide you along your journey. South State Advisory, Inc. offers securities and advisory services through LPL Financial (LPL), a registered investment advisor and broker-dealer. The firm offers insurance products through LPL or its licensed affiliates.

Fast Facts:

- Founded: 2010
- Headquarters: Charleston, SC
- Discretionary Assets: ~$2.04B+
- Non-Discretionary Assets: ~$422.6M+
- Total AUM: ~$2.46B+
- Specialties: Investments, Financial Planning, Insurance, Retirement, Retirement Income, College Savings, Advisory, Long Term Care, IRAs, and Business Financial Planning

3. Performa Limited (US), LLC = ~$2.02B+ in AUM

Fast Facts:

- Founded: 1992
- Headquarters: Charleston, SC (as well as Hamilton, BM and Burlington, VT)
- Discretionary Assets: ~$2.02B+
- Non-Discretionary Assets: $0
- Total AUM: ~$2.02B+
- Specialties: Belief Driven Investment Culture and Process, Fixed Income and Equity Portfolio Management, Asset Allocation, Captive Insurance Investment Partnerships, Captive Funds, Investment Management, Fixed Income, and Risk Management

RIA Review:

A registered investment advisor (RIA) is any firm advising or managing the wealth of high-net-worth individuals or institutions. Directly regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), RIAs offer a wide range of financial services from wealth and investment management to direct lending and personal finance education, etc. An important distinction regarding RIAs is the fiduciary obligation to always act in the best interest of their clients.

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Written by: Renae Hatcher

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