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3 Largest Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) in Kentucky

September 16, 2021

Registered investment advisors (RIAs) are undoubtedly best positioned to serve high-net-worth families and individuals seeking an alignment of interests between the firm and client. To shine a light on the growing RIA channel, FINTRX explores three of the largest registered investment advisors (RIAs) based in Kentucky. 

1. Taylor Advisors, Inc. = ~$8.3B+ in AUM

Founded in 2002, Taylor Advisors, Inc. is a Louisville, Kentucky-based investment advisor bringing change to financial institutions to establish a subsidiary focus on investment strategy in order to deploy capital appropriately. The group provides investment, liquidity, asset, liability, and risk management services, as well as renders investment portfolio construction and balance sheet management services. Taylor Advisors serves banking, thrift, government, municipal, and credit union customers in the United States. The firm has helped dozens of clients navigate financial challenges and increase profitability. With a unique, holistic view of how financial institutions function and which methods lead to long-term success, Taylor Advisors develop diversified strategies for every bank or credit union they partner with.

Todd Taylor is the Founder and President of Taylor Advisors, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder. Taylor has spoken at several state and national conferences on balance sheet management, bank investments, and risk management, including the AICPA National Conference on Banking and Credit Unions in Washington, D.C. 

Fast Facts:

- Founded: 2002
- Headquarters: Louisville, KY
- Discretionary Assets: ~$679B+
- Non-Discretionary Assets: ~$7.6B+
- Total AUM: ~$8.3B+
- Specialties: ALCO Strategies, Investment Advisory/Consulting, Regulatory/Crisis Management, Education & Training, Risk Management, Municipal Subsidiary, and Separately Managed Accounts

2. River Road Asset Management, LLC = ~$7.3B+ in AUM

Founded by R. Andrew Beck, Henry W. Sanders III, and James C. Shircliff in 2005, River Road Asset Management, LLC is a Louisville, Kentucky-based institutional investment management firm providing institutional separate account and investment sub-advisory services to a broad range of domestic and international clients. Its history dates back to 1998, by a team previously employed by Commonwealth Trust Company and SMC Capital Inc., subsidiaries of Kentucky-based Commonwealth Bancshares.

River Road Asset Management was formed based upon its proprietary Absolute Value investment discipline, a distinct portfolio management approach solely developed by River Road and is distinguishable from other types of investment styles. The objective of 'Absolute Value' investing is to provide attractive, sustainable, low volatility returns over the long term. River Road believes this is an emphasis on positive return consistency and minimizing downside portfolio risk. River Road remains committed to being a leading world-class provider of value-oriented equity asset management services. 

Fast Facts:

- Founded: 2005
- Headquarters: Louisville, KY
- Discretionary Assets: ~$7.3B+
- Non-Discretionary Assets: $0
- Total AUM: ~$7.3B+
- Specialties: Small-Cap Value; Small-Mid Cap Value; Mid-Cap Value; Large-Cap Value Select; Dividend All-Cap Value; Focused Absolute Value; and International Value Equity ADR

3. Fourth Street Performance Partners, Inc. = ~$5B+ in AUM

Established in 2006, Fourth Street Performance Partners, Inc. is a Covington, Kentucky-based registered independent institutional investment consulting company serving organizations with mid-size pools of capital. The firm works with its clients to develop customized investment programs to help fulfill its organization's mission and long-term goals. The group offers advice that is not influenced by third-party relationships and works at developing long-lasting relationships, with over 50% of clients who have been with the firm for over a decade.

Fourth Street serves approximately 65 institutional clients with over $5 billion in assets under management. Primary markets served include healthcare, colleges and universities, religious organizations, and community organizations. Fourth Street also works with defined benefit and contribution plans and high-net-worth individuals. The firm has carefully structured its organization to enable our associates to provide clients with the customized approach of a regional firm while providing the resources of a national firm. The result is personalized investment programs and quality service that builds lasting relationships, with over 50% of clients who have been with the firm for 15+ years. 

Fast Facts:

Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Covington, KY
Discretionary Assets: ~$137.8M+
Non-Discretionary Assets: ~$4.9B+
Total AUM: ~$5B+
Specialties: Institutional Investment Consulting, Socially Responsible Investing, Defined Benefit, and Contribution Plans, Non-profit, Community Foundations, Colleges and Universities, and Endowments

RIA Review:

A registered investment advisor (RIA) is any firm advising or managing the wealth of high-net-worth individuals or institutions. Directly regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), RIAs offer a wide range of financial services from wealth and investment management to direct lending and personal finance education, etc. An important distinction regarding RIAs is the fiduciary obligation to always act in the best interest of their clients.

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