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3 Family Offices Investing in Oil & Gas Companies


In utilizing the FINTRX family office data and research platform, which provides intel into thousands of direct deal transactions made by nearly 3,000 family offices worldwide, we explore three family offices making direct investments in the oil and gas space.

Atlas Invest

1. Atlas Invest

Founded in 2007, Atlas Invest is a Brussels, Belgium-based single family office managing the wealth of its founder Marcel van Poecke and his family. Marcel van Poecke created his wealth via an extensive career in investment management. As head of Carlyle International Energy Partners and Chairman of Oranje-Nassau Energie, the vast majority of his career took place within the energy sector. In 1993, Marcel van Poecke founded Petroplus, Europe's largest independent oil refiner before going private in 2006. Today, Atlas Invest allocates to opportunities throughout the private equity, real estate and direct investment spaces and takes primary interest in oil, gas and renewable energy investments. When investing directly, the group primarily participates in later stage investments and buyouts. With regard to deal size, Atlas Invest participates in a wide range of opportunities spanning from $20M-$850M. In April of 2019, the firm directly invested in One Dyas B.V., a Dutch energy production company that explores and produces oil and gas products for clients worldwide. In June of 2020, Atlas Invest directly invested in Discover Exploration, a privately owned oil and gas company active in Europe, Africa and Australasia (region which comprises Australia, New Zealand and some neighbouring islands). Atlas Invest regularly co-invests along side like minded family offices and private equity firms throughout Asia and Europe.


2. Fairfield-Maxwell

Fairfield-Maxwell LTD. is a New York, NY-based, third-generation, single family office with roots that trace back to 1957. With a mission to capitalize on the opportunity of the times, the firm successfully participated in several deals across the oil and gas, shipping and logistics industries throughout the 1960s. In 1979, Kaytaro Sugahara, Keiichi's eldest son was appointed president of the firm and oversaw significant growth over the next decade or so. In 1996, Fairfield-Maxwell founded Fairfield Chemical Carriers, which became one of the largest operators of stainless steel chemical tankers in the world. Today, the firm makes private equity and direct investments across a range of industries including oil and gas, medical devices, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, transportation, financial services and more. The firm targets companies with competitive advantages in expanding sectors. When making investments, the firm takes into account certain ESG factors including corporate governance and the company's standing within its community. In January of 2018, Fairfield-Maxwell directly invested in Wilkins Geddes Beaudet (WGB), a specialized sales agency serving retail channels ranging from Home Center to Office Supply channels. WGB supports emerging and established brands, as well as private label products in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Geographically, Fairfield-Maxwell allocates to opportunities throughout North America, Europe and Japan. 

Spindrift Equities3. Spindrift Equities

Spindrift Equities is a New York, NY-based single family office serving as the investment vehicle for an undisclosed high-net-worth family. Spindrift Equities allocates to a range of investment opportunities with a focus on the alternatives including venture capital, private equity and direct investments. Industries of interest include oil and gas, digital media, technology, food and beverage, hospitality, renewable energy, agriculture, consumer products and business services, among others. In July of 2018, Spindrift Equities directly invested in ClockSpring Co., a Houston, TX-based infrastructure solutions company serving customers globally with innovative, verified, safe and environmentally-conscious asset integrity solutions for construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure. ClockSpring delivers products designed to minimize downtime and environmental hazards, while maximizing cost-effectiveness and safety. Spindrift Equities is seeking new opportunities in the field and is willing to co-invest alongside other LP's and family offices. 

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