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3 Family Offices Investing in Life Sciences


In utilizing the FINTRX family office data and research platform, which provides intel into thousands of direct deal transactions made by nearly 3,000 family offices worldwide, we explore three family offices directly investing across the life sciences space. Life sciences primarily includes companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, biomedical technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and food processing - among others.


1. Arkin Holdings

Founded in 2009, Arkin Holdings is a Herzliya, Israel-based single-family office managing the wealth for the Arkin family. The firm traces its roots back to the 1961, when the family's patriarch Ziama Arkin founded Agis, an Israeli-based company that specialized in the import of foreign pharmaceuticals. After the death of Ziama Arkin in 1972, his son Mori continued to expand the family business, and in 1994, the group purchased its first pharmaceutical production facility. Along with this acquisition came substantial expansion into the pharmaceutical industry. In 2005, Agis was acquired by the Irish-based pharmaceutical company, Perrigo for $818M. About four years later, Mori Arkin founded Arkin Holdings to serve as his personal investment vehicle. Given the family's background in the pharmaceutical field, the firm focuses primarily on life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical-device companies. By 2020, its healthcare portfolio was valued at over $1 billion.

Today, Arkin Holdings allocates to a wide range of opportunities through four separate investment arms: Arkin Bio Ventures, Arkin Derma, Sphera and Accelmed. The group allocates directly and via fund vehicles within the private equity, venture capital and hedge fund spaces. In April of 2016 and December of 2019, Arkin Holdings directly invested in Metabomed, a drug discovery company in the field of cancer metabolism. The private company is developing a proprietary target identification platform based on computational biology, genomics and metabolomics. Arkin Holding regularly co-invests alongside like-minded family offices and institutional investors, when appropriate. Geographically, the firm allocates to opportunities primarily throughout Israel and the United States.

clayton associates

2. Clayton Associates

Established in 1996, Clayton Associates is a Brentwood, TN-based single family office managing the wealth of the McWhorter family, whose wealth traces back to the late Clayton McWhorter, the former founder, chairman and CEO of HealthTrust and an integral part of the executive leadership of Hospital Corporation of America. His extensive career in healthcare ultimately led him and his sons into the venture capital space. The McWhorter family is heavily involved in philanthropy and government within Tennessee. Today, Clayton Associates allocates to private equity, real estate, venture capital and via direct transactions. When making direct investments, the firm participates in a range of deal stages from early stage venture rounds to later stage buyouts and acquisitions. Primary sectors of interest include healthcare, technology, life sciences, media, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and analytics. In April of 2012, January of 2016 and February of 2016, Clayton Associates directly invested in KeraFAST, a Boston-based reagent company whose primary mission is to make laboratory-made research tools easily accessible to the global scientific community. Clay Associates regularly co-invests alongside other family offices, venture capital firms and larger investors.

Bosarge_Family_Office3. Bosarge Family Office (Capital Technologies Inc.)

Founded in 2010, Bosarge Family Office - also known as Capital Technologies Inc. - is a Houston, TX-based single family office serving as the investment vehicle for Ed Bosarge, a leader in the application of advanced mathematics in finance, energy and medicine. The firm provides the Bosarge family with investment, administration, management and philanthropy services. Bosarge Family Office allocates to a number of investment opportunities, primarily in the areas of life sciences, venture capital, real estate, direct investments and impact investments. Sectors of interest include renewable energy, biotechnology, therapeutics, construction, healthcare, education and pharmaceuticals - among others. In July of 2017, the firm made two seperate direct transactions in Okyanos Heart Institute, a global leader in regenerative medicine -  and Diasome, a biotechnology company developing hepatocyte directed vesicle (HDV), an insulin additive, to lessen the instances of high and low blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. 

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