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FINTRX Partnership With The International Family Office Association


BOSTON, MA – January 13, 2015 -- Boston, MA and Sydney, Australia – The FINTRX platform, the leading family office intelligence provider and asset-raising CRM technology to the alternative investment industry, and the International Family Office Association (IFOA), the Asian global leader in establishing, managing and servicing the new emerging family office industry, announced a partnership to offer a seamless intelligence flow of data to the FINTRX Platform via IFOA’s networks of family offices. 

"We are developing a global community in the international family office space, with this timely link with FINTRX, both for the creation and management of single and multi- family offices," said IFOA Executive Chairman Scott MacDonald. "By deploying the FINTRX advanced technology options and CRM functionality, the FINTRX Platform has now clearly separated itself from its peers within the family office data industry. This partnership will allow the IFOA to both direct family office investors to the FINTRX Platform for networking opportunities with others in their space, as well as offer alternative and leading investment managers an elite tool to increase deal flow and raise capital more efficiently through family office channels”.

Unlike most organizations in the family office origination industry, the IFOA is tackling the undeveloped yet ultra- wealthy regions of Asia and Europe.  “The Capital Hedge team is excited to join forces with the IFOA for our flagship product, FINTRX, said Russ D’Argento, Founder of FINTRX. It is a natural fit for us to align our firm with the largest and most well respected family office arm internationally. Our clients vary across the alternative space, from hedge funds, investment bank, private equity, real estate and venture and we believe this partnership will greatly enhance our value to each of them.”

About The International Family Office Association – IFOA: The International Family Office Association Limited is a not-for-profit organisation providing thought leadership, education, research and networking opportunities for those emerging and establishing a family office and/or seeking to engage with this emerging sector globally.

IFOA was established in 2011 in response to the rapid growth in Asian wealth and the need for education and networking for those interested in creating family office entities. Family Offices Services a part of the IFOA, provides implementation and asset consulting services to family office investment management programs. This includes direct property and alternatives and other appropriate investment projects as required by wealthy families throughout the world including Australia; Asia including China; Singapore and Hong Kong. For more information, visit  www.ifoa.asia

About Capital Hedge, FINTRX Investor Platform: Powered by Capital Hedge, the FINTRX Investor Platform was designed to drive enhanced asset raising, productivity and effectiveness of alternative investment asset raising professionals. FINTRX combines its industry leading family office database solution and robust cloud based CRM functionality to give business development personnel and salespeople a consolidated and actionable view of their information universe. FINTRX is the only alternative investor focused family office investor provider fused with email distribution and cloud based CRM technology in the industry.

For more information, visit  our website here. 

For direct information, contact:

Russ D’Argento – rd@fintrx.com
Scott A J MacDonald  - scott@ifoa.asia

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