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UK University CIO Makes Move to Family Office


Cambridge University CIO Set to Become CEO at London Multi-Family Office

Nick Cavalla will leave the university at EOY 2018 to assume his new role at Talisman Global Asset Management, a London, UK-based multi-family office.


Cambridge University (UK) will lose Nick Cavalla, the Chief Investment Officer of its multi-billion dollar endowment fund, to Talisman Global Asset Management at year end 2018. Cavalla leaves the university for the multi-family office, which has diversified investment interests across asset classes for its client base. Joining Cavalla in the move are investment directors Conor Cassidy, Vincent Fruchard, and Bruce Lockwood.

  • Talisman Global Asset Management manages several billion US dollars' worth of both the Pears family fortune and the assets of its client base.
  • The Pears family, the founding group behind Talisman, created their wealth in real estate.
  • Cavalla's departure comes at a time when Cambridge University's endowment fund has been embroiled in a debate over divestment of fossil fuels.

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