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The Global Family Office Report 2018


The Global Family Office Report 2018

The 2018 Global Family Office Report has been released and offers excellent insight into the Family Office trends for the year.



The Global Family Office Report has been released and contains information from family offices from around the world. The data was collected using 311 online surveys and 25 qualitative interviews and were conducted from February- May 2018. This report covers topics ranging from trends in allocation preferences to the next generation of family offices. 

  • 38% of family offices are involved in sustainable investing, with the most commonly invested in areas being clean energy, water, gender equality, and healthcare.
  • Family offices have increased their exposure to real estate direct investments by 2.3 percentage points over the year to total 17% of the average family office portfolio. 
  • Over half of family offices reported that their assets under management are growing as is the wealth of the families they serve.


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