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New Release: Updated Smart Search


Updated Power Search

FINTRX is excited to announce that we have enhanced our family office Smart Search feature to provide a more efficient way of searching single and multi-family office data utilizing shortcuts and recent queries. We've provided further color on this new feature below.

Upon engaging the Smart Search within FINTRX, users now have the ability to query family office data appertaining to five categories.

  • Investors - This selection will bring you to a list of all investors within the Power Search
  • Contacts - Select to populate a list of all contacts within Power Search
  • Companies - Choose this selection to list all private companies within the Power Search
  • Lists - Click on this shortcut to bring you to a listing of all lists within your team

Search results will populate by each category, promoting easy targeting of the entity or contact of interest within FINTRX. This reduces the time spent researching, making for a streamlined approach when searching through our family office research.

When leveraging the Smart Search, your six last searches will appear at the bottom of the search module as well - allowing for a quick revisit to your most recent searches.

For additional information, request a free trial for a deep-dive into the FINTRX solution today!

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