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Monthly Family Office Data Report May 2020


As the global family office landscape continues to evolve and diversify, the FINTRX data and research platform consistently grows alongside. With universal coverage on 2,848+ family offices, 11,061+ family office contacts and 11,742+ tracked investments, we have provided further insight into notable family office data trends compiled from May of 2020.  Continue reading for a full breakdown on how last month unfolded within our rapidly developing database. 

FINTRX Monthly Family Office Report-May 2020

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FINTRX Data Reports are produced exclusively utilizing our expansive family office data and research platform. Thanks to our dedicated research team - who continuously works to update and expand our vast data set - we are able to share helpful and credible information regarding the private capital markets.

May Findings

→ New Family Office Data Points = 1,200+

→ Total New Family Office Assets Added = $25 Billion+ 

→ Total Additions = 104+

Total Additions for May 2020

  • ⇒ Family offices added: 17
  • ⇒ Family office contacts added: 87

→ Updated Entities = 2,104+

Updated Entities May 2020

  • ⇒ Updated family offices: 434
  • ⇒ Updated family office contacts: 1,670

→ Family Office Direct Investment Activity: Top 10 Sectors

family office direct investment activity - top 10 sectors-1
  1. 1. Technology = 24%
  2. 2. Healthcare & Biotechnology = 20%
  3. 3. Financial Services = 12%
  4. 4. Real Estate & Construction = 11%
  5. 5. Manufacturing = 8%
  6. 6. Business Services = 7%
  7. 7. Consumer Goods = 7%
  8. 8. Media & Entertainment = 5%
  9. 9. Transportation = 4%
  10. 10. Energy & Utilities = 2%

→ Notable Family Office Data Trend: 

FINTRX Data Trend 2020

Due to the rise in global real estate opportunities, family offices consistently recognize the importance of having a real estate allocation strategy for the steady returns and tax benefits, for instance. For more information on why family offices gravitate towards real estate, click here.

In the midst of an ever-changing market characterized by volatile human behaviors and rapid technological advancements, it is imperative to craft the right messages with family office investors, ultimately making warm introductions feel smooth and effortless. In our latest 12-page guide available below, we explore outreach best practices and insights derived through the analysis of our proprietary data combined with years of extensive research into the family office ecosystem.

How to Utilize Industry Intelligence for Outreach Excellence

The FINTRX family office data and research platform features comprehensive and accurate investor intelligence relating to the alternative investment industry. Updated daily, our cutting-edge solution offers capital raising tools, intelligent data and smart search capabilities to best facilitate your outreach efforts.

In utilizing the power of the FINTRX platform, we continue to monitor any and all developments when it comes to the private wealth landscape. To stay ahead of the curve, visit our newly refurbished Resource Library, here.

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