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Leveraging Your Alumni Roots When Prospecting


Why Alma Maters Matter When Targeting Family Offices For Investment

The power of leveraging your network when prospecting within the family office and private wealth channels can be massive. Finding commonalities between you and your targets can often be the difference between a cold outreach & an outreach with a personal feel. One of the most powerful and under used connectors is your alumni network. This rings true across a number of verticals, however the value is even greater when leveraged in the world of family offices, where trust and believability is a crucial pillar of your success.

Map of US with University Logos

According to the United States Census Bureau, more Americans are completing a four year degree than ever before, growing your alumni network exponentially year over year.  Simply finding high quality & actionable family office research can be a daunting task - peeling back specific alumni roots can be nearly impossible. Searching through Google and LinkedIn can prove tiresome - with a small ROI yield.  Leveraging a solution like the FINTRX Family Office Platform which allows for seamless exploration of your alma mater network can prove to be invaluable. Let's have a closer look below at the top ten universities by contact count within the our family office universe.

Top Ten Contact Alma Maters


Breaking the ice within your alma mater network is one of many creative & insightful ways our clients target the family office ecosystem through the FINTRX Platform. We invite you to explore further to discover additional insight we deliver. 

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