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Family Office & RIA Data Intelligence

A Better Way to Access Family Office & RIA Data

Discover how FINTRX empowers its customers to map, access and sell into the complex and fragmented world of Family Offices and Registered Investment Advisors.

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Level-Up Your Tech Stack with the FINTRX Family Office Data Platform


The family office sector has gone through a technological revolution in recent years with the aim to make smart investment decisions driven by transparent and innovative ideas. In seeking family office capital, it is essential to have the right tech stack in place to enable the entire fundraising process from prospecting to pitching. Now more than ever - especially with remote work being part of our new normal - maintaining effective outreach with those in the private wealth space is no longer a want, it is a must. Our unique, targeted focus on the alternative investment industry and private capital markets empowers asset raisers to find success in cultivating healthy relationships with family office investors worldwide. 

Like most industries, the family office landscape is one that is evolving every day. These developments undoubtedly play a crucial role in the way humans interact and conduct business with one another. Trends change, priorities shift and behaviors alter - but like anything in life, trying times open doors to numerous challenges and opportunities dependent on the course of action you take. 

"Virtualisation, alongside the increasing use of data and digital functionality and services, is vital to future-proofing the family office. This has never been more apparent than now, when advisers must manage complex relationships remotely, and at a time when investors everywhere face significant challenges, says Yaela Shamberg."

As the need for greater services intensifies, the modern family office is structured to respond appropriately. This makes them an attractive option for capital raisers and families of great wealth looking to preserve and protect their assets. For those looking to raise funds from family offices, now has never been a more opportunistic time to do so. All you need is the right tools and processes to kickstart your family office outreach. See how our users harness the power of the FINTRX platform to drastically increase their family office engagement. 

Below are four game-changers rooted within the FINTRX platform that gives you the power to greatly enhance your engagement strategies with over 2,800+ family offices and any of the 11,000+ family office contacts that work within them. 

#1 Relatability Insights via FINTRX Affinity

Throughout our vast collection of family office data and prospecting tools, it has become clear that FINTRX Affinity is one of the most favored within the platform. Designed specifically for enhancing communication with family office decision-makers worldwide, this feature provides unique conversation starters, actionable insights and relevant information to ensure your engagement is as humanized as possible. Simply by filling out a short, 3-5 min questionnaire, FINTRX Affinity leverages all commonalities you have with any of the 11,000+ family office decision makers within our database. From there, leverage that information to strengthen and maintain long-term connections. 

Key Characteristics:

Build rapport with 11,000+ family office contacts that share your hobbies and interests
 Custom conversation starters to find your best path in
Automatically refreshes every night at midnight
Collaborative, team-based approach via the 'Affinity Extender Seats'

For more information on FINTRX Affinity, click here.

#2 Dynamic Prospect List(s)

Even when our clients are away from the platform, our tech-savvy algorithms continuously work to ensure all facets of FINTRX are accurate and updated. Incredible technical solutions - such as AI - provides an opportunity to ensure all FINTRX data is relevant and up to date, without losing the quality or quantity of the data. One feature that helps maintain this level of efficiency is our Dynamic Prospect Lists, which allows you to create specific, automatically updated lists. This saves you from having to continuously re-run searches to identify new prospects. 

Key Characteristics:

Stay updated on investors that match your specific use-case(s)
Customize the format and order of your investor & contact lists
 Removes legwork and increases workflow productivity 

#3 CRM Integration

At FINTRX, we understand how important it is to build strong connections with those in the private wealth space. Every encounter matters and every talking point should be documented for you and your team to see and access. To help with this functional requirement, FINTRX offers a built-in CRM integration allowing you to seamlessly document and track all interactions directly within in our database. Explore the functionality of the CRM module within the FINTRX platform to ensure your team achieves a heightened level of organizational efficiency.

Key Characteristics:

Real-time sync of email correspondence between Outlook & our cloud-based platform
Smoothly import emails directly into the CRM
Track external conversations with contacts & investors
Create call notes, activities and reminders to stay organized 

#4 News Portal & Alert Builder

Within the FINTRX platform, the News Portal and customized Alert Builder are two valuable resources for those who are keen on staying abreast of recent news in relation to single and multi-family offices, investor contacts and the private wealth space as a whole. Our 'News Portal' is designed in an intuitive way that allows users to bookmark and filter news by type, industry, family office(s), specific contact(s) and more, ultimately allowing for a personalized collection of current family office news. In addition, the News Portal utilizes a smart search engine to quickly identify keywords or phrases. Explore all that the FINTRX News Portal and Alert Builder has to offer and stay updated on all information that is prominent to you. 

Key Characteristics:

Stay informed on global news concerning family offices and the alternative wealth space as a whole
Variety of filters allow you to quickly narrow down search results
Create bookmarks
View current news articles within the 'Power Search' tool 

With all the new flashy tech available today, it is important to find the right tools and avenues that work for you. Master the fundamentals with the FINTRX family office data and research platform, and watch your engagement rates soar. 

To see these functions in action, explore our high-level video tutorials from the FINTRX Client Success team: 

Making Connections w/ FINTRX Affinity
 News Portal & Alert Builder
 Tags & Custom Fields
The CRM Module
Dynamic & Favorites Lists


As seen in Forbes as a leading Capital Raising & Investment Management Platform, FINTRX delivers the essential tools needed for heightened transparency and control in a somewhat volatile, ever-changing family office market. It is our mission to design cutting edge technology functions within our platform to further partnerships and investments within the family office ecosystem. Now more than ever before, it’s a vital component to enabling teams to work remotely and continue to thrive. We encourage you to schedule a demo to see how our custom offerings could work for you and your team. 

For an in-depth exploration of the FINTRX family office platform, click below:


For more practical family office insight and best practices, visit our newly remodeled 'Resource Library'.

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