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FINTRX Launches Registered Investment Advisor Data Offering, Further Expanding Its Private Wealth Data Intelligence Platform


the industry leader in private wealth and family office data intelligence, today announced the release of its Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Data Module. This addition to FINTRX’s rapidly expanding suite of private wealth data offerings will provide FINTRX users access to best-in-class RIA data, paired alongside its industry-leading Family Office Data offering all within a single unified platform.


By providing actionable and comprehensive investment advisor data within FINTRX, financial professionals can now seamlessly access the global Investment Advisor & Family Office ecosystem within a single unified platform.

“Our Family Office Data customers have been calling on us to release a Registered Investment Advisor Data solution that mirrors the quality and dynamic nature of our family office offering,” said Russ D’Argento, Founder & CEO at FINTRX. “Our end users have found such great success in the actionable and personalized family office office data we offer, that a move into the RIA Data space was a natural progression for us. We’ve spent the last two years building and refining what we feel is simply a better way to access the registered investment advisor ecosystem.”

The newly released FINTRX RIA Data module features millions of Investment Advisor data points sourced from hundreds of thousands of sources. By pairing innovative technology, publicly available data and an expansive set of 1M+ proprietary FINTRX native data points, FINTRX delivers financial professionals and asset managers a unique and efficient path to access the investment advisor ecosystem.

Key Capabilities Include

+ Proprietary data science and algorithms enable users to: identify target RIA's, map market territory lists, and uncover hidden networking opportunities to expand their reach.

+ Personalized data on 850,000+ registered investment professionals: understand the passions & interests of your prospects for a personal and humanized approach.

+ Expansive data enrichment technology ensures access to the most accurate and complete advisor data within your target market.

+ Access to powerful search & filter options on the firm and registered rep level. Drill down into advisor segments to identify active capital allocators by areas of asset class interest within traditional and alternative investment strategies.

+ Customized news alerts & notifications on 1M+ firms and contacts, driving actionable triggers for proactive outreach.

+ Contact relatability scoring on 850,000+ decision-makers designed to uncover your strongest and most relatable contacts.

+ Build and monitor reports on investment advisor growth metrics, intent signals, registered rep movement and more.

+ Access to 850,000+ contacts, featuring: direct emails & phones, detailed bio’s, titles, roles, responsibilities, passions & interests, universities attended and much more.

“We’re incredibly excited for the addition of our registered investment advisor offering. The feedback from our users has been exceptional. We truly feel we’ve created a more powerful and intelligent way to access the complex and rapidly changing investment advisor ecosystem.” said Russ D’Argento, Founder & CEO of FINTRX. “The release of our RIA data intelligence module is a great example of how we continue to innovate and expand our product offering to deliver better outcomes for our customers.”


Fresh off its $9M Series A round of financing, FINTRX is the preeminent resource for private wealth data and research. Its platform features millions of data points on the global Family Office and Registered Investment Advisor ecosystem. Today, FINTRX serves hundreds of customers globally, which include top tier hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms, real estate firms, institutional investors, investment banks, consultants and service providers. For additional information or to set up a trial, please visit: https://www.fintrx.com/

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