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FINTRX Founder & CEO, Russ D'Argento, Featured on 'Investors & Operators' Podcast


Russ D'Argento, Founder & CEO of FINTRX, was featured on Investors & Operators, a podcast series by 51 Labs that features conversations with successful business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. In this episode, D'Argento takes us on his entrepreneurial journey from bootstrapping his company to raising a whopping $9M in Series A funding. He shares valuable advice for aspiring tech founders, discusses the importance of having a clear vision, mission and values in the finance industry, and talks about how his past experiences as a baseball player and poker player have influenced his success in the business world...

FINTRX Founder & CEO, Russ D'Argento, Featured on 'Investors & Operators' Podcast


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FINTRX Founder & CEO, Russ DArgento, Featured on Investors & Operators Podcast-1

On this episode of Investors & Operators, Jordan sits down with Russ D'Argento, Founder & CEO of FINTRX. Together, they discuss:

    •    How he bootstrapped FINTRX and his journey of raising $9M Series A
    •    His advice to tech founders 
    •    Finding vision, mission & value in the finance industry 
    •    How his previous experience of a baseball player & a poker player has led to where he is today

...and so much more.


Russ D'Argento founded FINTRX in 2014 as a bootstrapped solo founder. He now oversees a team of more than 100 individuals. Russ has recently been recognized as one of the top 100 CEOs to work for in Boston. This prestigious list, compiled by Comparably, a leading workplace culture and compensation monitoring site, highlights exceptional CEOs who are recognized by their employees for their outstanding leadership, vision, and work culture.

FINTRX is the preeminent resource for private wealth data and research. Its platform features millions of data points on the global Family Office and Registered Investment Advisor ecosystem. Today, FINTRX serves hundreds of customers globally, which include top-tier hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms, real estate firms, institutional investors, investment banks, consultants and service providers. In November of 2021, FINTRX closed its Series A round of funding, raising $9M.

Investors & Operators is hosted by Jordan Selleck, Co-Founder & CEO of 51 Labs, investment banker and 3x entrepreneur. The podcast provides valuable insights and advice on various aspects of building, growing and managing successful businesses.


Listen to the Full Podcast

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FINTRX is the preeminent family office and registered investment advisor intelligence platform. We deliver the data, research and tools that leading asset managers and financial firms rely on to efficiently access the private wealth ecosystem. FINTRX pairs over a million data records with artificial intelligence - designed to empower our customers and deliver successful outcomes. 


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