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Family Office Invests in Absolute Return Fund


Singapore-based family office, BMFA Group, invests $25 million

BMFA Group is investing $25 million in an absolute return fund run by CoAssets, a Singapore based fintech company.


CoAssets, a Singapore based crowdfunding platform for small to medium level enterprises launched the CoAssets Stirling Fort Absolute Return Fund (CASFAR) back in July of 2018. In the 3 months since launch, CASFAR has accumulated a total AUM of $29 million, with the most recent being a $25 million allocation from BMFA Group, a Singapore based family office.

  • The $25 million allocation with be invested in 11 tranches of at least $2 million each
  • The size of this investment allows for CASFAR to invest in more high yielding, securitized deals


CoAssets is an Australian Stock Exchange listed crowdfunding platform that brings real estate developers, businesses and investors together, with an excess of $30 million worth of transactions taking place through the platform in the last two years.

BMFA Group

BMFA Group offers wealth management, estate planning, insurance, and capital funding and commercial loans to high-net-worth (HNW) executives, professionals and entrepreneurs in south-east Asia. It's an independent financial advisory company that was incorporated earlier this year.

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