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Cresset Wealth Advisors Sees Massive AUM Growth


Chicago, IL-based Cresset Wealth Advisors jumped to over USD $3 Billion in AUM

The firm, in just over a year since its founding in July 2017, surpassed USD $3 Billion in assets thanks to several factors.


Chicago, IL-based Cresset Wealth Advisors has seen its assets under management jump to a sizable USD$3B in September 2018, only a short few months after the firm reached the $2 Billion AUM mark. Cresset family office co-founder, and private equity veteran Eric Becker, attributed the AUM growth to several factors, including the firm's platform, service offerings, client focus, and general culture. 

- Becker and co-founder Avy Stein formed Cresset out of a desire to provide a client-centered wealth management experience.

- Cresset's service offering encompasses a range of amenities, from financial planning and investment management to family office management and estate planning.

- The firm provides investment access to a variety of asset classes for its clients, ranging from direct investments in private equity and real estate, to hedge fund investments.

- Cresset's presence currently spans the Midwest and US West Coast, with plans for expansion in the works. 


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