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5 Family Offices Investing in ESG Initiatives


Leveraging the FINTRX Private Wealth Data Platform, we highlight five family offices actively investing in companies with a strong focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives. With comprehensive and reliable data on thousands of transactions by nearly 4,000 family offices worldwide, FINTRX offers profound insights into the pivotal role these private wealth entities play in driving innovation and growth in sectors across the board.

1. Tamburi Investment Partners

Tamburi Investment Partners, based in Milan, Italy, is a multi-family office providing comprehensive services to high-net-worth clients, focusing on identifying investment goals, developing portfolios, and offering ongoing monitoring and reporting. The firm invests in both public and private equity across various sectors, regions, and asset classes, aiming for capital preservation and growth through diversified investments and personalized service. It employs in-depth, in-house research for manager selection and asset allocation, taking a long-term investment perspective and global manager sourcing.

Portfolio managers have historically emphasized ESG-related investments, typically considering investments that improve quality of life. For instance, in June 2023 Tamburi Investment Partners invested in Apoteca Natura, a network of over 550 pharmacies in Italy and Spain that specialize in natural health and prevention. The company offers personalized advice and integrates natural products and medicines as needed to promote health and well-being. In April 2022, Tamburi made an undisclosed investment in Simbiosi, a company that develops technologies to transform industrial supply chains and regions into assets for both people and the environment. Aimed at addressing natural resource scarcity, Simbiosi promotes limiting resource extraction and encourages reuse, aiming to reduce global warming, regenerate biodiversity and combat climate change. 


2. Esas Family Office (Sabanci Family Office)

Esas Family Office is an Istanbul, Turkey-based single-family office with an additional location in London, UK. The firm serves as the investment vehicle for the Sabanci family, one of the founding members of Sabanci Holding, a leading Turkish industrial and financial conglomerate. Established in 2000, Esas is among Turkey's largest family offices, focusing on alternative investments globally, including real estate, private equity, venture capital and liquid assets. In private equity, it targets growth capital and buyout opportunities in mid to large companies across Western Europe and North America, open to various industries, investment sizes and holding periods. The firm aims for control, joint control, or minority stakes with exit horizons of 5 to 7 years.

Esas Family Office invests in commercial real estate both in Turkey and abroad, supports early-stage global ventures and adheres to ESG criteria in impact investing. Esas invests across diverse sectors such as aviation, retail, healthcare, and technology, including AI and e-commerce. In September 2022, Esas secured a $9M Seed round in Flora, a New York-based company that acquires, reinvents and grows sustainable brands with a mission to provide greater access to sustainable products at affordable prices. Other notable investments include Just Vertical, Biosplice TherapeuticsPegasus Airlines and international ventures like mPharma, reflecting its broad industry engagement and commitment to gender-diverse leadership.


3. Steyn Group (Steyn Family Office)

Steyn Group is a London, U.K.-based single-family office with an additional office in Venice, CA. Established in 2013, the firm invests and manages the wealth of the Steyn Family and their descendants. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, TJ and Louis Steyn embarked on their entrepreneurial journey post-university, launching ventures including a game reserve and a music festival before founding Almero Holdings in 2013, a UK-based co-living real estate firm. The Steyn brothers expanded their investments to include property, healthcare, education and sustainability projects in the UK, US, and South Africa, managed under Steyn Group. This portfolio reflects their commitment to blending financial success with social impact, influenced by their South African heritage and carried forward through the EMS Foundation, their conservation and anti-poverty charity. Steyn Group partners with leading investors and operators to provide supportive infrastructure and capital, focusing on ethical impact alongside commercial success.

Steyn Group's investment strategy covers various asset classes, from private and venture capital funds to direct investments in sectors such as student housing, co-living and commercial real estate. It targets businesses with strong teams in services, education, healthcare and software, with a keen interest in consumer health, edtech, sustainability and impact initiatives. The integration of ESG factors into their investment approach underscores their dedication to sustainable and ethical business practices, aiming for superior returns with high integrity. In April 2023, the firm made an undisclosed investment in Carbon Capture Scotland, an Edinburgh, Scotland-based company specializing in capturing and utilizing CO₂ to create a more sustainable future. A few months later, Steyn Group made a $1M Seed investment in Bio-Logical, a London-based company that fights climate change and supports the world’s most climate-vulnerable communities through carbon removals.


4. Raintree Family Office (Dandekar Family Office)

Established in 2017, Raintree Family Office is a Pune, Maharashtra-based single family office managing the assets of the Dandekar family. The Dandekar family's wealth traces back to Dilip and Ashutosh Dandekar who founded Camlin Fine Sciences in 1992. Camlin Fine Sciences, now a global leader with over 25 locations worldwide and annual revenues exceeding $300M, is a testament to the Dandekar family's wealth. Raintree invests with a focus on impact and ESG principles and collaborates with Raintree Ventures and the Raintree Foundation. The firm has a broad investment portfolio in public and private equity, venture capital and private debt, favoring social enterprises with innovative models addressing environmental and social challenges. The group, open to co-investments and sector-agnostic, has a keen interest in food, agriculture, sustainability, technology, clean energy and healthcare, primarily targeting investments in India.

In April 2021, Raintree Family Office initiated a $4.9M Series A investment in Smart Joules, India's leading energy efficiency company focused on improving energy efficiency in large buildings and industrial setups through advanced technologies like IoT, automation and data analytics. It offers services such as energy audits, implementation of energy-saving measures and ongoing monitoring, working on a pay-as-you-save model. This approach allows businesses to reduce energy costs and carbon footprints without upfront investments. In June 2023, Raintree Family Office invested $4M in a Venture funding round for Proklean Technologies. Based in Chennai, India, Proklean Technologies develops proprietary technologies that leverage renewable materials to create eco-friendly products. These products aim to address critical environmental challenges, including pollution and the depletion of natural resources, marking a significant step forward in sustainable development.


5. AUA Private Equity Partners (Unanue Family Office)

Established in 2012, AUA Private Equity Partners is a West Palm Beach, FL-based single family office managing the capital of food and beverage executive, Andy Unanue. Andy Unanue, part of the Unanue family—Spanish-American immigrants who established and inherited the Spanish food giant Goya Foods—plays a key role in AUA Private Equity Partners. The firm adopts a collaborative approach to investing, aiming to contribute significantly to its portfolio through stable capital support and expert strategic advice. The firm seeks to preserve and grow the Unanue family capital, through making investments in Hispanic-owned, lower-middle-market companies.

Today, AUA Private Equity Partners invests in both public and private equity across a range of sectors, regions, and asset classes. Emphasizing strategic partnerships and support, the firm operates across various sectors including consumer services and media, and is committed to growth and positive community and environmental impact. AUA invests in both public and private equity, favoring control or significant minority stakes in U.S.-based firms, with investments ranging from $25M to $200M.

Incorporating ESG initiatives, AUA focuses on improving returns and societal impact, applying ESG methodologies within its portfolio and investment process and supporting minority and women-owned businesses to foster social responsibility. The firm has invested in several companies with ESG initiatives including Gourmet Foods, a Los Angeles, CA-based food and beverage manufacturing company that uses humanely raised proteins - free of any additives and preservatives. Additional portfolio companies include Simply Natural Foods, Lazurite and First Generation Investors, among several others.


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