Established in early 2007, Capital Hedge provides superior institutional and family office database solutions, marketing assistance, consulting, and investor research to its global client base. Built around its team of investor research analysts, Capital Hedge aims to provide a turnkey investor growth solution to its clients. All clients; (hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, fund of funds, real estate funds, traditional asset managers, Investment Banks, and more) are provided with equal data, membership advantages, and personal attention.


The FINTRX platform was launched in early 2014, after numerous requests for a more dynamic and interactive offering from our seat holders. The result is a cloud driven asset raising platform built to fuse the prospecting process and investor engagement. With FINTRX, our seat holders stay current with our live family office & institutional data, while gaining access to a suite of marketing and CRM tools built within the interface. Seat holders can merge personal data with FINTRX provided data, create and send distribution list, manage prospect interaction, source conference attendees, and more - all within FINTRX.