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FINTRX family office list

How Emerald Asset Management Leverages FINTRX

FINTRX helps Emerald Asset Management increase their family office capital raising


Emerald Asset Management provides equity and fixed-income portfolio management services for institutional investors and individual investors via separate account management, the Emerald Mutual Funds and EAGLE ETF portfolios. 




Long-Only Traditional Manager

For those looking to raise capital, the family office ecosystem can be opaque and difficult to infiltrate. Once identifying a family office that matches their unique use-case, it can be an extremely arduous task to conduct research and identify specific contact information. It is from this pain-point that Emerald Asset Management sought out the FINTRX family office platform. Since their initial FINTRX adoption, Emerald Asset Management has substantially reduced the amount of time spent researching and sifting through family office LP's. This helps ensure that they are targeting investors that were tailored for their prospecting needs. 

Emerald Asset Management

"FINTRX allowed us to easily and quickly identify potential targets in the family office space" - Mark Schlegel



Mark F. Schlegel

Senior Vice President - Client Relations & Business Development

Why Emerald Asset Management Chose FINTRX

Upon speaking with Mark Schlegel, Senior Vice President of Client Relations and Business Development and multi-year FINTRX seat holder, he outlined their choice for choosing the FINTRX platform. Not only would the FINTRX platform solve their struggle to identify appropriate family offices but Mark found that the platform had, "a user friendly interface that also had good quality data". Mark and the Emerald team initially leveraged FINTRX by using in depth search tools in order to quickly identify family offices in 10-12 major metro areas that they could target when prospecting for investors. In the end, they chose the FINTRX platform as it would ensure that their capital-raising efforts and workflow would become more efficient and effortless, without sacrificing data accuracy. 

Feedback on Using FINTRX

Today, Emerald Asset Management is successfully utilizing our vast dataset of 2,950+ investors and 11,500+ family office professionals, to“cut down on the time spent researching and increase the probability of talking to the right prospects”.  Schlegel notes the "high quality of data and the extensive nature of the investor profiles", that include not only all core family office data, but also delve into their specific interests and previous investment activity. This, along with the powerful platform interface, transformed their workflow to enable their team to focus on what matters- building his family office network with confidence. 

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