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How Landmark Capital Advisors Leverages FINTRX


Year Founded

Real Estate


Newport Beach, CA


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Landmark Capital Advisors is a Newport Beach-based real estate capital advisory firm disciplined in finance and private equity. Landmark Capital was experiencing the pain points many others in the real estate advisory space were facing: sourcing family office allocators who invest in alternatives.


When David Kidder, Landmark's Managing Director and industry veteran first approached our FINTRX team, there was one clear aim: how FINTRX could help their rapidly-growing real estate advisory firm find active family offices in the alternative space and help Landmark better manage interactions with investors.

"From day one, we were able to quickly source investors, implement our data, and leverage the daily work of the FINTRX team to keep our family office investor pool growing and, most importantly, updated and accurate."

David Kidder
Managing Principal, Landmark Capital Advisors

Case Study

Landmark Capital Advisors is a Newport Beach-based real estate capital advisory firm founded in 2014 that is disciplined in finance and private equity...
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Their Challenge

Prior to partnering with FINTRX, David Kidder and the Landmark team were using an array of solutions to attempt the sourcing of active family office investors, organizing investor information, tracking the firm's communication, and distributing updates and performance reports to their targets.

These individual tasks were were quickly becoming overwhelming and creating inefficiencies within the team's asset-raising efforts and firm-wide communication. "With our growth came new opportunities," said Kidder. "It was clear that we needed a solution. It was either to build our own or leverage an asset-raising platform that allowed for greater family office investor coverage and visibility for our business. We chose the latter."


The Outcome

Landmark Capital Advisors was able to leverage the actionable data and organizational tools of the FINTRX Family Office Data Intelligence platform to drive its lead generation and CRM nurturing efforts. Our innovative offering gave the Landmark team a virtually limitless way to market, raise capital, and streamline investor engagement across its team. In addition, FINTRX created a unified platform out of which the team could work more cohesively and efficiently.

With the help of our expansive family office data set, Landmark Capital Advisors was able to prospect into and interact with thousands of potential investors and family office professionals, giving them all the necessary tools to effectively tap into the family office ecosystem and achieve their goals.


"The FINTRX platform gave us every feature our marketing team needed out of the box." - David Kidder, Managing Principal at Landmark Capital Advisors

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