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How NewSpring Capital Leverages FINTRX

NewSpring sees a 2x increase in their family office connection rate with FINTRX use


NewSpring Capital is a $2B+ AUM private equity fund, which partners with the innovators, makers and operators of high-performing companies in dynamic industries to catalyze new growth...




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Family offices have historically been a highly sought after investor class, yet difficult to uncover and tap into this private space. Below we outline how $2B+ private equity fund,  NewSpring Capital uses the FINTRX Platform to solve for this common pain point.

Prior to joining the FINTRX client-base, NewSpring Capital found a gaping hole when it came to accessing detailed and actionable information on family offices. With increased pressure to pursue family office LPs for fund investments and co-investments, NewSpring Analyst, Michael Davis needed access to a dedicated database with accurate and comprehensive coverage of the family office landscape. Read on to discover why NewSpring chose FINTRX and how the platform has addressed and exceeded their pain-point of effectively prospecting into the family office ecosystem.

NewSpring Capital

"FINTRX has allowed us to tap into the family office channel across our multiple strategies in a way we have not been able to do until now. We have more than doubled our touchpoints with family offices across the United States since using FINTRX. " - Michael Davis


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Michael Davis


Why NewSpring Capital Chose FINTRX

Family offices have increasingly become a prioritized investor class for the fundraising efforts of NewSpring's team. From this emerged a challenge, as Davis explains the space to historically be "difficult to canvas broadly due to the lack of information available on private family offices and it's highly fragmented nature."

Davis and his team ultimately needed a resource to identify family offices that align with NewSpring's investment strategies, and furthermore increase the number of conversations and relationships with suitable family office investors. 

Feedback on Using FINTRX

Davis and his team utilize the dataset of 3,000+ family offices and 11,500+ family office professionals on a weekly basis. Michael reflects on NewSpring's family office coverage prior to joining the FINTRX client-base, "Before FINTRX, we used other investor databases that were not specifically focused on family offices and have found FINTRX to provide better and more detailed information."

The dozens of granular search parameters and thorough coverage of the space have made FINTRX "extremely useful for NewSpring's fundraising efforts across our multiple strategies."

As a multi year customer, NewSpring continues to leverage the full suite of FINTRX solutions at scale to turbo charge and organize their family office access.

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