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Alex Brown/FINTRX

How Alex. Brown Leverages FINTRX

FINTRX helps Alex. Brown increase their family office capital raising


Alex. Brown & Sons was founded in 1800, becoming the first investment banking firm in the United States. Partnered with Raymond James, the nation's seventh largest wealth management firm by assets under management. Alex Brown advisors specialize in traditional and alternative investment planning, asset and risk management, investment banking and wealth management. 




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As many capital raising professionals know, the family universe can be incredibly guarded & challenging to uncover. The prospecting process, from information gathering to initial outreach, has the potential to be lengthy and complex, hindering efforts to meet capital raising goals. Specifically, when it comes to identifying different investors and their preferred allocation preferences, it can be challenging to identify family offices that match each unique use-case. In the case of Alex. Brown, they recognized that this pain-point was limiting their prospecting efforts, leading them to seek out the FINTRX platform. Since adopting the platform, they were able to gather significant intelligence on family offices, further improving their prospecting efforts. Read on to discover more on how and why Alex Brown decided to utilize the FINTRX platform...

Alex. Brown

"The best." - Eric Westerdale


Alex Brown - FINTRX

Eric Westerdale

Sales Development Associate

Why Alex. Brown Chose FINTRX

Upon speaking with Eric Westerdale, a Sales Development Associate at Alex. Brown and multi-year FINTRX seat holder, he outlined their choice for choosing the FINTRX platform. From the beginning, they found that they were able to efficiently find interested investors that could be,"categorized by various asset classes of interest". Eric determined that the comprehensive family office investor profiles and list building functionality would enable them to meet their prospecting needs and pain-points. Ultimately, FINTRX enabled Westerdale and the Alex. Brown team to align their objectives and goals prior to their initial outreach to the family offices of their choosing. 

Feedback on Using FINTRX

Today, Alex. Brown is successfully utilizing our vast dataset of 2,950+ family offices and 11,500+ family office professionals within their daily workflow.  Westerdale notes that since they began to utilize FINTRX, they have acquired greater insight into the family office ecosystem and the professionals within. In addition, they utilize our native FINTRX Affinity Score feature to unlock shared commonalities and custom conversation starters with contacts that they are prospecting. Since gaining access to Affinity, Eric and his team have vastly improved their efficiency, while leveraging valuable insights to drive more successful connections. 

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