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How Measure 8 Venture Partners  Leverages FINTRX

FINTRX helps the Measure 8 team drive their family office relationships


As an industry leading cannabis asset manager, Measure 8 will seek to achieve superior absolute returns through a “full spectrum” approach to cannabis investing.  Measure 8 intends to allocate to the public and private markets and employ both a long and short-term investment horizon to leverage their knowledge of individual businesses and the significance of industry developments to capture the complete opportunity.




Venture Capital Fund w/ Focus on Cannabis Industry



Like many other capital-raising professionals in the alternative investment space, Measure 8 Venture Partners was finding reaching the family office space particularly challenging.  Historically, family offices have been harder to find and connect with than the average investor. As a venture capital fund focused on the emerging cannabis industry, they were looking for family offices that were well-matched to their industry focus. According to FINTRX seat holder and COO/Director of Business Development at Measure 8, Kevin Gahwyler, they were looking for "Access to groups that I do not have direct contact with from my rolodex." They reached out to FINTRX, and we immediately went about connecting them with numerous family offices and expanding their investor base...

Measure 8 Venture Partners, LLC

"To date, I have already received an investment from a family office that originated from FINTRX that I had no prior connection to whatsoever."

cannabis family offices

Kevin S. Gahwyler

COO/Director of Business Development

Why Measure 8 Chose FINTRX

When speaking with Kevin Gahwyler, Measure 8 had two main objectives when choosing to work with FINTRX. The first was to, "gain access to unknown family offices". While the family office industry is trending towards being more forward-facing, many are still keeping a more hidden profile. For that reason, the FINTRX family office platform provides clients with an extensive network of family offices they would not otherwise have prior access. From there, Measure 8's goal when choosing FINTRX's extensive database, was to, "ultimately gain new investors", says Gahwyler. This was a goal that was quickly accomplished with the help of the FINTRX database. 

Outcome of Using FINTRX

Today, Measure 8 has received an investment from a family office on the FINTRX platform. By providing them with significant and wide-ranging access to thousands of family offices, they were able to find investors that best matched their unique use case. Ultimately, this is what every capital-raiser strives to achieve. To receive funding from well-suited investors within an efficient and powerful platform, ensuring that their fund is as successful as possible. This is the power of FINTRX. 

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