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Ramston Capital

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Through the adoption of FINTRX in their daily workflow, Ramston Capital was able to increase their visibility of family offices within their target region - Southeastern United States. The FINTRX platform has also allowed the Ramston investment team to approach new investors they weren't aware of beforehand, ultimately expanding their target market substantially.

The Challenge

Because family offices are typically closely-held and difficult to uncover, identifying key groups is often a tedious and laborious task. It is from this pain-point that Ramston Capital sought out the FINTRX family office data and research platform. Appreciating that the family office ecosystem is opaque and challenging to uncover, Ramston Capital sought to expand their internal rolodex and turned to FINTRX as a solution.

Their main goal was clear, to "increase visibility of local investment groups and generate conversation points with investment leaders."  Not only would the FINTRX platform solve their need to identify local family offices, but it would also assist them with humanized conversation starters via the FINTRX Affinity feature.

The Solution

Today, Ramston Capital is successfully utilizing the vast FINTRX dataset of 3,000+ investors and 11,500+ family office professionals to "seamlessly identify local family offices." The comprehensive investor profiles allow the team to easily sort and filter within their targeted geography and real estate asset class.

According to Ramston, "The detail on contacts and firms is incredible - unparalleled. The
knowledge provided by FINTRX on individuals and firms' investment goals has proved invaluable when approaching potential new investors."  Through harnessing FINTRX, Ramston Capital has been able to focus on building and nurturing relationship with LP's, whilst we take care of the initial research required to identify them.

Ramston Capital

"FINTRX provides us unparalleled clarity to the opaque world of family offices. The knowledge provided by FINTRX on individuals and firms investment goals has proved invaluable when approaching potential new investors."

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Benjamin F Byrd IV

Partner, Ramston Capital


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