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Pravati Capital

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Like many other capital raising professionals, Pravati Capital found themselves struggling to source accurate information on family offices. The addition of FINTRX has dramatically enhanced their access to the global family office market, ultimately supporting their goal of building quality relationships with family office investors.

The Challenge

Due to the vast obscurity in the family office landscape, many find it difficult to uncover credible, up-to-date information on the private wealth space.This inaccurate data led to an inefficient process when seeking to target family offices suited to their needs, in addition to be being incredibly time consuming.

The Solution

Today, Pravati Capital is successfully utilizing our vast dataset of 3,000+ investors and 11,500+ family office professionals to "source quality data on the family office space." Through our extensive investor profiles, timely alerts and direct contact information, Pravati Capital can now focus their efforts on developing humanized relationships with family office investors with confidence.

As a result of the scalable and seamless solutions within the FINTRX database, this allowed Pravati to meet their goal of "building quality relationships with family offices" by ensuring accurate family office data and updated contact information.

Pravati Capital

"The FINTRX platform is absolutely fantastic."

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Kevin Mallon

Senior Managing Director, Pravati Capital


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