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Hedge Fund w/ Focus on Real Estate



Convergence turned to FINTRX, knowing that the platform's ability to filter through thousands of family offices and contacts to serve up good actionable data would save them both time and money in the long-run.

The Challenge

In the alternative investment industry, it can be difficult finding prospects that are well-suited for your fundraising efforts. This particular issue was a frequent pain-point for the long/short equity hedge fund, Convergence Investments. The work of shifting through countless investors to find the most appropriate ones to target can be a an excruciatingly long process, and a pain point that many of our FINTRX users face prior to utilizing our platform.

According to Matthew Lusins, Director of Business Development at Convergence Investments and FINTRX seat holder, he was quick to address the pressing issues that led them to FINTRX. This stemmed from a need to "identify and rifle-shoot the exact profiles of investors we're seeking for our
next fund." A lack of time and information can cause major inefficiencies when it comes to fundraising within the family office sector.

The Solution

Ultimately, the Convergence team has worked in partnership with the FINTRX client success team and have been emboldened with the new data available to them through the platform to streamline their prospecting efforts. That is the power of FINTRX.

Convergence Investments

"Extremely effective and clean interface, highly detailed profiles of prospective investors, all information is up-to-date. A very high ROI database for our firm."


Director of Business Development


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