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New Release: Family Office Dossier Builder

March 20, 2020

family office dossier builder








FINTRX is proud to announce the launch of Dossier Builder, a new add-on feature built within our family office platform. The Dossier Builder enables users to export up to ten profiles into a comprehensive investor portfolio, in PDF format, making it a great solution for those preparing for an upcoming roadshow.

Features of Dossier Builder include:

  • - Convenient, easy-to-digest PDF export - perfect for road shows!
  • - Include up to ten dossiers within each dossier list
  • - Share and collaborate your Dossier Builder lists amongst your FINTRX team
  • - Build and tailor your Dossier list based on your itinerary
  • - Combine Dossier Builder with Search Vision to optimize your travel preparation
  • - Dossier Builder will feature dynamic updates to the data to ensure you have the most up-to-date investor data available


Dossier Builder Overview

Dossier Builder is available to existing clients who have our
LP Pro+ or Buy-Side Pro+ tier of product as well as an add-on functionality.

If you're interested in finding out more, please get in touch with us!

Written by: Michaela Barry

Client Engagement Associate

Michaela Barry
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